Your Very Own Store. Opening Tomorrow.

When you were a child growing up, do you remember what you did to have some spending money in your pocket so that you can buy candy, or go to the movies with your friends? Perhaps you had a paper route, a lemonade stand, or a list of chores that you recieved an allowance for? Better yet, maybe you were one of those spoiled kids that got whatever you wanted every time you gave mom or dad that puppy dog face, lucky you. Hey, I’m not judging.

When I was growing up, there was always a handful of chores for me to do when I got home from school during the school years.  I recieved an allowance in an amount that was determined by the number of chores I completed. When school was out during the summers, I always had some sort of summer job up until the year that I turned 12 years old; that year I would learn a very valuable lesson.

When school let out that summer, I found a summer job like I usually did; this particular summer I got a job working for my neighbor who had owned an auto repair shop just down the street. I remember leaving the house every morning around 8:30 AM to work in the auto repair shop and I would drag my feet the entire walk there,  because it wasn’t a job that I looked forward to. As a mechanic’s assistant, I got all the messy clean up jobs or duties that required a lot of heavy lifting.

Most days, I went home for my lunch break since home was just up the street. There was a boy who was about the same age as I was that lived across the street from me; I think his name was Tyler. When I came home for my lunch break everyday, Tyler would be outside setting up a table in his front yard that he sold lemonade and iced tea on every afternoon.

When I got home from work around 4 PM, Tyler would usually have his lemonade/ tea stand packed up by then.  He was usually in his garage listening to some new CD or playing some new video game that he had just bought that day. I would often wonder how he managed to always get new music or video games when his only source of spending money was from selling tea and lemonade for a mere $0.50 a cup.

One day, Tyler and some other boys that lived in the neighborhood invited me to go see a new action movie that had just come out in theaters,  but I couldn’t go because I didn’t have enough money to pay for my ticket. I remember that, despite Tyler’s friendly invitation, I was furious with him. I felt like it wasn’t fair that he got to go to the movies and always buy new stuff while I had to stay at home with the same old CDs or video games; after all, I worked much harder than Tyler did. Tyler would just sit on his butt all afternoon while he sold beverages, and he didn’t even start until noon!

After Tyler and the other boys left for the movies, I begrudgingly stomped over to the side of my house where I sat against the wall in frustration. My father, who was outside doing yard work at the time  noticed me sitting there pouting so he walked over to me and initiated a conversation,

“What are you so bent out of shape over son?” he asked.

“It’s not fair,” I stammered, “I bust my ass all day for that damn grease monkey next door, so why should Tyler get to go to the movies? He just sits there in his yard and sells his stupid tea!”

A mild smile formed on my dad’s face as he began to address my complaints. What my father told me in that moment would stick with me for the rest of my life. He pointed out that I had been selling my time to the mechanic everyday while Tyler had been selling products. My time was limited  while there was no limit to how much tea or lemonade Tyler could sell. In that moment a lightbulb turned on and I decided that, moving forward, I would no longer sell my time and I would sell products instead; I’ve been doing so with much success and satisfaction ever since.

7 Reasons Why You Should Sell Products Instead Of Your Time

  1. You have a limited amount of time that you can sell in each day. When you sell products instead, there is no limit on the number of products that you can sell, hence your income potential is virtually limitless.
  2. You can have multiple streams of income by selling multiple products. Each new product that you sell is a new income stream.
  3. You have complete control over which types of products you sell, so if you get tired of selling one particular product, you can sell something else instead.
  4. Generally, when selling your time, someone else determines what you can sell it for, or what they will pay you. When you’re selling products, you get to determine the price that you will sell them for.
  5. When you sell products, you have complete control over what you do with your time. When you sell your time, someone else tells you what to do with your time.
  6. Each time you sell a product, you get instant gratification, whereas when you sell your time, gratification doesn’t come until your time has been served.
  7. When you’re selling your time, you have to wait to be compensated. When you sell products, each time you sell a product, you are compensated instantly.

Gone Are The Days When Business Is Confined To Brick & Mortar

Obviously, I’m not suggesting that you should open up a lemonade stand in your driveway, because your not going to get the bills paid that way. What I am telling you is that you don’t have to give up your time to an employer that determines how much your time is worth if you don’t want to; in fact, you shouldn’t. Time is your most valuable asset, and time is the only commodity that you will never get back once it is gone.

Thanks to the internet, and other technologies available today, people are no longer limited to taking whatever job they can get. Before the internet became available to the general public, if a person wanted to make a living selling products, they had to have a fairly significant amount of capital. Capital was needed to acquire products to sell, additional capital was needed to have a place to store the products and sell them out of, not to speak of the capital required to market those products and attract customers. If a person didn’t have all this capital necessary to acquire, store, and market products, then they were left having to sell there time, which is limited.

Well, nowadays, thanks to the internet, numerous opportunities have emerged that enable people to sell just about any product that they want to without having to invest capital in acquiring or storing the products; in fact, in most cases, they don’t even need to see or touch the products at all. This is because e-commerce is quickly becoming the preferred way to do business, and brick and mortar businesses are gradually becoming obsolete.

Thanks to the internet and e-commerce, if you were so inclined, you can own your very own digital store as soon as tomorrow, and begin to see revenue by the end of the day without spending a penny of your own money. This is made possible through the emergence of digital products, and through dropshipping platforms for physical products.

The remainder of this article will give you some examples of e-commerce platforms that will allow you to start your own online business for free, and you can open your own store as soon as now!

Selling Your Own Products

If you want to create and sell your own products, start your own clothing line, or build your own brand of products, you can do so without spending a fortune.  There are quite a few websites that will allow you to set up your very own store for free. You can then fill your store within products that you designed. Whenever someone orders a product with your design, the company that owns the platform will handle manufacturing the product that was ordered, and ship it directly to your customer. This means that you don’t have to deal with manufacturing your products, storing your inventory, or shipping anything to your customers! On these types of platforms, the only cost to you is a percentage of each sale from your store, so you pay nothing until you begin to make money first! Here are a few examples of platforms that will allow you to set up your own online store at no cost and sell your very own products:

Cow Cow – With Cow Cow, you can open a store for free and put your designs on over 400 products, from apparel to office products.


Design By Humans – Similarly to Cow Cow, Design By Humans allows you to open your own store and put your design on tons of products, with the major difference being that this platform is more focused on apparel and merchandising.


Aerio – Aerio lets you set up your very own bookstore for free. You can list your own books for sale, or upload any book that is in the Aerio marketplace to sell in your bookstore. Once you have your bookstore set up, Aerio gives you an HTML code to embed your bookstore on any website or social media platform.


Here is a link to my Aerio bookstore:

The Internet Money Bookstore 

Art Pal – Are you a creative? If you are an artist, then you need your very own gallery to showcase your masterpieces. Art Pal provides a platform for you to set up your own art gallery/ store for free. You can sell any type of art whether it be paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, or even pet rocks. The best part is that whenever a piece of your art sells, you get to keep 95% to 100% of the money!


Etsy – Are you a seller of handmade goods, or would you like to be? If so, Etsy wants you! On Etsy, you can open your own store for free. Etsy only charges a $0.20 listing fee, and you get to keep 92% of each sell you make. Since we are talking about handmade goods here, you should note that you are responsible for shipping your products when a sale is made on Etsy. Overall, Etsy stores have no start up costs, and extremely low overhead.


Casetify – Casetify is an online retailer of phone cases and laptop cases, the designs of which are all created by independent artists. So, if you have some design ideas that would look great on a phone case or a laptop case, you can submit your ideas to Casetify and make some money. Casetify will allow you to retain all the rights to your work, and they will pay you each time a case with your design on it is sold.


Create Photo Calendars – This website will let you open your own photo products and merchandise store online for free. So, whether you’re a professional photographer, or you just happen to take some really amazing pictures with your smartphone, Create Photo Calendars is definatly a platform that you should check out. You can sell a variety of products with photos that you’ve taken printed on them, and you can also take custom orders from people that visit your store.


Create My Tattoo – If you’re a tattoo artist, then your income does not have to be limited to the number of tattoos that you ink on people. Create My Tattoo, will allow you to sell your tattoo designs in their marketplace. Each design that you submit to Create My Tattoo is your property, so you will retain all the rights to it. You get to set the price for your designs which can be sold multiple times, and you get to keep 80% of each sale. Another thing that is really neat about this website is that you don’t necessarily have to be a tattoo artist to make money on it. If you have a talent for drawing, or if you’re a graphic designer, and your creations would look awesome as tattoos, Create My Tattoo welcomes you.


Card Gnome – With Card Gnome, you can open your own online greeting card store. Sell your greeting card designs, and Card Gnome will handle printing them and shipping them to your customers. The only downside with Card Gnome is that they will only pay you 10% in royalties, however, you’ll never have to pay any fees, their website receives a ton of traffic, you will retain all of the rights to your designs, and Card Gnome won’t care if you sell your greeting cards on other platforms.


Stickers Pub – Here is another platform where you can sell your creative designs. Sticker Pub will allow you to set up your own online sticker store for free. You will be able to retain all the rights to your sticker designs and you get to set the price for them of which Sticker Pub will allow you to keep 60% of for the first $5,000 in sticker sales, and 90% of all sales after that.


Shoptly – Shoptly is a great platform to consider if you’re looking to sell digital products, or any products that can be downloaded, such as e- books, software, PDFs, etc.

Spreadsheet Nut – Speaking of digital products, there are a lot of platforms that are for selling one specific type of digital product. This website for example will let you set up your own online store specifically to sell spreadsheets (as if you didn’t figure that out when you read the name).


Beat Stars – Here is another platform that is meant for selling a specific type of digital product. If you’re a hip hop artist, if you’re in a band, or if you produce beats, consider selling your music on this platform.


Extra Lunch Money  –  One of the most popular and profitable types of websites on the internet are, of course, adult websites. If you’re not shy, you can take advantage of this and make A LOT of money by creating and selling your own adult products. Extra Lunch Money offers a platform where you can set up your own online adult store and sell your own adult products such as adult photos and videos, live shows, and even your used undees!


Dropshipping Platforms

If you don’t want to create your own products, but you still love the idea of having your own online store, you may want  to consider getting into dropshipping. With a dropshipping store, you are selling other people’s products at a mark up. There are a number of platforms that allow you to set up your own online store at no cost and list there products for  sale. You are given a base price for each product that you list, and whatever dollar amount you mark them up for is your profit. The beauty of dropshipping businesses is that you never have to physically deal with any of the products that are listed in your store. When a product in your store is sold, the dropshipping company ships it directly to your customer. If this is a business model that you are interested in, here are some dropshipping platforms that you should check out: – Stampr is completely free to set up shop with. You can sell your own products, you can sell their products, or you can sell a combination of both. Stampr works with 80+ vendors, giving you over 80,000 products to choose from for your store. If you sell any of Stampr’s products, they will handle fulfillment for you. The coolest part about this platform is that you can open up to 10 stores for free!


My Free Sex Store – As I previously mentioned, the adult industry is one of the most lucrative industries on the internet. If you don’t like the idea of starring in your own adult films or selling your used underwear, yet you still want to enjoy the profitability of this industry, you can open up your very own adult dropshipping store online. My Free Sex Store will give you your own online adult store for free, and they have 100,000+ adult DVDs, as well as 40,000+ adult toys for you to select for selling in your store.


Affiliate Stores

Much like dropshipping stores, in an affiliate store, you enjoy the benefit of making money from selling other people’s products. The key difference with an affiliate store is that, instead of profiting from marking up products, you are selling products for their original price and taking a commission on them at a certain percentage. Affiliate marketing has become one of the most lucrative professions to be in. Here are a couple platforms that you can use to build your own online affiliate store:

E-commerce Affiliates – These guys have over 1,800 affiliate offers for you to choose from. To set up an affiliate store, simply sign up to one of the free store platforms that I mentioned, and fill it with products that pertain to your niche.


Kit – Kit has a really neat concept for an affiliate store. The way this platform works is that, instead of  promoting individual offers, you can curate a number of related products from Amazon into a kit that you can sell as a whole. People can still purchase individual products out of the kits that you put together, but that’s not why people visit Kit, so they most likely will purchase the entire kit from you and Amazon will pay you a nice commission.


Check out the below kit that I put together just for fun. It comes with the following items:

  • Digital scale
  • Smell proof case with combination lock
  • A pack of smell proof, zip lock baggies
  • Lock box that is disguised as a dictionary
  • Portable counterfeit bill detector
  • Square credit card reader
  • Accounts receivable book
  • Hard knuckled, leather gloves
  • Police radar detector
  • Wireless bug detector
  • Shoelaces with attached handcuff key
  • Sunglasses with built in rearview mirror
  • Boot knife for self defense
  • Smell proof, water proof backpack to carry everything in
  • “Between the studs” high security, steel wall safe

I call this kit “The Street Pharmacist’s Toolbox.” 🙂 See below screenshot.



There may come a time when you no longer want to run your store anymore. When that time comes, if your store has consistent sales, you don’t want to just shut it down, because then you would be forfeiting what could possibly be a very nice sum of money. The smarter option would be to sell your store. There are several platforms available that are specifically for selling established websites and e-commerce stores. One such website is Digital Exits.

Digital Exits – These guys are brokers of online businesses, and they have a pool of investors with cash ready to spend. If your online business is consistently bringing in a profit, Digital Exits is a good option for getting your business sold for a nice chunk of change.


Final Thoughts

I just gave you a bunch of options to start your own successful online business and escape the everyday rat race, so it is now up to you to make it happen. If your not content with your current job, you now have no excuse to stay in it. Get your store launched and start building a business that will give you the amazing life you deserve.

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Thank you for reading.

Affiliate Disclosure

This page might contain affiliate links. In the event of a sale, I will be awarded a small commission (at no extra cost for you).



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