22 Websites Where You Can Publish And Sell Your Writing

I am going to start off by saying that I know this post was published a couple of days late, and for that I apologize. Sometimes, life happens, but better late than never.

This post is actually a follow up on the last article that I published which covered How To Create A Profitable Ebook FAST. So, if you did not have a chance to read my last post yet, go read that one first before reading any farther into this one.

Now, for those of you who did read my last post, if you recall, I said that I would be discussing websites where you can get your work published and begin selling it. Once you have your ebook ready to go, choosing one of these platforms is the next big step.

I’m going to mention several websites where you can get an ebook published, and I am also going to cover other websites that publish different types of work such as comics, magazines, newsletters, and other types of publications. So if you are an aspiring comic book creator, journalist, magazine editor, or writer of any sort, pay attention, because this post applies to you as well. Artists, I’ve also included a couple websites in this post for you too.

Now, without further adieu, here are 22 websites where you can get your work published for free, and listed for sale to the masses.


Print & Ebook Publishing


This platform will publish your content for you for free, and make it available for purchase in digital or print format depending on each customer’s preference. Once you decide to sell your content through Blurb, they will list it for sale in their own bookstore, and distribute it to several major retailers such as Amazon, Ingram, and Apple I-books. Blurb works in a similar fashion as a drop shipping company. Whenever a customer purchases your content in print format, your profit is your listing price, minus Blurbs printing costs, which is charges on a print as you go basis thus eliminating any upfront costs for getting your content distributed. Whenever you decide to cash out the profits from your sales of your content, you can choose to be paid via PayPal or by paper check.


Visit Blurb

Book Baby

Book Baby provides free publishing, your own digital storefront in their Bookshop marketplace which is completely customizable, and free distribution to several major retailers. Customers can purchase your publications in digital or print format, and Book Baby will handle fulfillment. Whenever your books are sold directly through the Bookshop marketplace, you earn 85% of the retail price if they are sold in digital form, and 50% of the retail price if they are sold in print form. Book Baby will deposit your profits directly into your bank account when it comes time to collect.


Visit Book Baby


Directly on their homepage in large lettering, it reads “Create, publish, and sell your book for free.” Like the previous two platforms mentioned, LuLu allows customers to purchase your publications in print or digital format and, like Blurb, LuLu operates much like a drop shipping company. When someone purchases one of your publications in print, LuLu deducts their printing costs from the retail price that you set, and the difference is your profit. LuLu pays its authors via check or PayPal.


Visit LuLu

Create Space/ Kindle Direct Publishing

People previously used Create Space to sell paperbacks, and Kindle to sell ebooks. Now, both of these platforms, owned by Amazon, are essentially one in the same. Book creators now have the option to sell both versions of their books on the same platform. Both Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing will publish and distribute your books for free and allow you to keep 70% of the retail price that you set. The only real downside to using either of these platforms is that, unlike the others mentioned thus far, your publications will be listed for sale only on platforms owned by Amazon, instead of being distributed to other major retailers.


Here is yet another platform that will publish, and distribute your ebooks for you for free. You get your own author profile to showcase all of your work to visitors of the BookRix marketplace, and all of your publications are distributed to all the top book sellers. BookRix gives you the ability to set the prices that you want to set for your publications, and your profit is 70% of that. If you decide to sell any of your content through BookRix, you MUST have a PayPal account as currently PayPal is the only method that BookRix uses to pay it’s authors.


Visit BookRix

Smash Words

Another platform that will publish and sell your content for you for free. This website was named The World’s Largest Ebook Distributor For Self-published Authors And Small Independent Presses. If you choose Smash Words for publishing and selling any of your content, they will list your content for sale in their own marketplace, distribute your content globally to most of the major ebook retailers and public libraries, and set you up with your very own author profile page so that you can showcase yourself and your work. Whenever one of your publications are purchased through any of the ebook sellers that Smash Words distributes to, you will earn 60% of the list price, but when your content gets purchased directly through the Smash Words marketplace, you earn 80%. You can choose to receive your payments by check or via PayPal.


Visit Smash Words

Draft 2 Digital

This is another ebook publisher/distributor that makes it incredibly easy for self-publishing authors to go into business. They, of course, will publish your content for free, and distribute it to several other ebook retailers, and it seems that these guys take the lowest cut allowing you to keep 90 percent of your listing prices. They also seem to be the most flexible when it comes to getting you paid too as their payout options include direct deposit, PayPal, Payoneer, or by check.


Visit Draft 2 Digital


 Cover Design

Self Pub Book Covers

This is one of the websites that I included in this post for all you artists and designers out there. If you can create art or design graphics that would make awesome book covers, I suggest checking out Self Pub Book Covers as there’s probably good money to be made by people with your creative skill set.


Visit Self Pub Book Covers

The Book Cover Designer 

Here is another website for you creatives to monetize your one-of-a-kind art pieces by selling them for a handsome price to authors that need a cover for their books.


Visit The Book Cover Designer


Comic Book Publishing


If you are an aspiring comic book creator, this platform will publish your comics for you, and give you everything you need to sell them successfully. ComixCentral will provide you with your very own digital comic shop for  free which is completely customizable, allowing you to create your own brand your way. You get to set the prices for your comics, of which ComixCentral’s cut is only 10% leaving you with a 90% profit. In order to be able to collect your profits from your CXC ComixShop, having a PayPal account is a MUST, as this is the only method through which ComixCentral pays it’s creators.

Untitled design (1)

Visit ComixCentral


This Amazon owned platform will publish your comics, and list them for sale in their marketplace at no upfront cost to you. You personally get to set the retail price for all of your comics which Comixology will split with you 50/50. I know that 50% in royalties is significantly less than the 90% that you can receive from ComixCentral, however, being that Comixology is owned by Amazon, your comics will be exposed to a significantly larger crowd there than they would with ComixCentral which you probably should consider. Any royalties that you earn through Comixology can be paid to you through your choice of either direct deposit into a bank account, or in the form of Amazon gift cards.


Visit Comixology


Magazine Publishing


Through Magzster, you can publish your own digital magazine, and make it available globally on desktop and mobile. Customers that are interested in your magazine can purchase single issues, or annual subscriptions. Magzster gives you an option to create dedicated IOS & Android apps for your magazine, and you can upload as many issues as you want without having to worry about having a server. There are no set up fees to publish or sell on Magzster.


Visit Magster


Email Newsletter Monetization


If you can create an email newsletter with content in it that is in high enough demand, not only will people subscribe to it, they will even pay money to be subscribed to it, and that is where Campaignzee comes in. If you want to be able to charge your subscribers for the content that you send to them, you need to have content that either entertains them, solves a problem for them, or makes their lives easier in some way. So, if you can create newsletter content that does one or more of these things, you can charge your subscribers a subscription fee for it,  and they will pay it. Campaignzee, does not charge any set fees or monthly fees, they only take a 10% cut of the subscription fee that you charge your subscribers, so you won’t pay them anything unless you’re making money. When you cash out your profits made from your newsletter, Campaignzee will pay you through Stripe.


Visit Campaignzee


Article Selling

The most in demand commodity on the internet today is information, or content. Every single blogger, website owner, online business owner, or internet marketer is in frequent need of fresh content for their websites or social media pages. There are people who earn six or even seven figures a year from simply creating ready-to-use articles and selling it to those that need fresh content for their websites. The topic categories that frequently have the highest demand for content are business, marketing, health, education, publishing, travel, kids/ family, career, technology, and science. If you can consistently produce fresh content in one or more of these categories, you have the potential to make a lot of money doing so. There are several content markets online in which writers and content creators can list articles for sale at the price that they decide to set. Many of these content markets will allow you to list your articles for sale on their platforms at no cost, and will only take a small percentage of the the price for your articles when they are sold.

Here are 5 online content markets where you can sell articles for no up front cost:

  1. Article Sale 
  2. BKA Content
  3. Constant Content
  4. Dot Writer
  5. Kontent Cart


Essay Selling

If you have any of your old college essays still lying around somewhere, you can cash in on them instead of just letting them collect dust. The average college student would much rather go party with their friends than be stuck having to spend a night writing an essay for one if their classes, and you might just have the type of essay that they need, so why not list it for sale? Here are a couple of websites where you can list your old essays for sale:

  1. Cash 4 Essays
  2. Sell Your Essays


Greeting Cards

Card Gnome 

I’ve discussed this website in one of my previous posts about opening your own online store. With Card Gnome, you can set up your very own online greeting card store and build your own brand within minutes. You get a 10% commission every time one of your card designs sell. Card Gnome will send you payments whenever your earnings accrue to at least $10.


Visit Card Gnome

Greeting Card Universe

Greeting Cards Universe will allow you to set up a widget to their store directly on your blog or website through which you can sell any of the products that they have. Whenever someone buys a anything via the widget on your website, you earn $0.5, and whenever your own greeting card designs sell, you’ll earn an additional 7% to 10%. Greeting Card Universe pays out via check or PayPal.


Visit Greeting Card Universe


Thank you for reading. If this article was helpful, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to receive exclusive, and valuable content only available to subscribers. Now you know about 22 different websites where you can get your work published. What will you publish next?

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