24 Tools And Resources To Promote Your Business For FREE

I just finished publishing my brand new e-book, The Ultimate Business Toolbox.

With over 350 tools and resources inside, this book is the ultimate digital toolbox for any business professional. If you run a business, own a website, or even if you have a job where most of your work is done on a computer, you’ll find that The Ultimate Business Toolbox is a must have. In it you will find resources for just about every aspect of your business, at least on the digital side of things.

Each tool or resource in my book is grouped into one of the following categories:

  • Accounting & Financial
  • Administrative Tools
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Computer Security & Maintenance
  • Creative Resources
  • CRM & Prospecting
  • Crowdfunding Platforms
  • File Sharing & Storage
  • Legal Resources
  • Marketing Tools & Resources
  • Productivity & Time Management
  • Sales Tools & Resources
  • Search Engines & Directories
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media Management Tools
  • Website Management

In this post, I’m going to give you a sneak peak at some of the resources in one of the sections that you will find in The Ultimate Business Toolbox.

Keep in mind, that what you will see here is only a handful of the tools and resources that are available in the e-book, and I am showing this to you to demonstrate the value that you will get from purchasing your own copy of The Ultimate Business Toolbox.

Once you get to see all of the resources available, you will wish you had a resource directory like this one available to you a lot sooner.

Now, straight out of the book itself, here are 24 free tools and resources to help you promote yourself and your business.


E-mail Marketing Resources

Constant Contact – At Constant Contact, you’ll get free autoresponders, and tons of free email templates.

Hubspot Email Signature Generator – Every business professional needs an email signature, it looks unprofessional if you don’t have one. You can generate an email signature for yourself for free at Hubspot.

Mail Chimp – This is a popular email marketing service used by a lot of businesses. With Mail Chimp, you get a lot of free email templates, you can set up landing pages for free, and you can send 2,000 emails every week for free.

Really Good Emails – If you ever find yourself in need of ideas or inspiration for writing any type of business email, this is the website you want to go to. Really Good Emails has a huge collection of some of the best business emails from hundreds of companies for every type of purpose you can think of.


List Building Resources

Add This – This is a great source of free tools to grow your subscriber list and your website traffic, tools like share buttons, follow buttons, link promotion tools, list building tools, and more.

Mail Munch – This tool captures leads from your website and turns them into life-long readers, email subscribers, and customers.


Newsletter Resources

Newsletter Access – This is the only comprehensive directory of independent email newsletters on the web. This website will allow you to list your email newsletter in their directory for free, and they also provide you with free tools to promote your newsletter.

Paper.li – This is a free and powerful content curation tool that you can use to collect all the best content for your audience. Paper.li gives you a choice of 3 formats to deliver the content that you collect. You can have your content formatted for social media, embedded on your website as a web newspaper, or packaged as an email newsletter.


SEO Tools & Resources

Bing Webmaster Tools – Free tools from Bing to manage your website’s performance in Bing search.

Google Search Counsel – Free tools from Google to improve your website’s performance in Google search.

SEOptimer – Use this tool to do free SEO audits of your website.


Social Media Tools

Back Tweets – This tool lets you search through a history of tweets that link back to your site, it’s a great way to find out who is talking about you, and what they are saying.

Click To Tweet – The easiest way to promote, share, and track your content on Twitter; and it’s free.

Know Em – Reserve your social media user name on over 500 platforms.


Press Releases

1888 Press Release – This service will distribute press releases for you for free.


Profiles & Portfolios

About.me – This website will let you set up a free promotional profile page to let people know who you are. You can also include 1 call to action button such as a link to your website or invite people to sign up for your newsletter.

Crevado – This is a free online portfolio builder, allowing creatives to showcase their work.

Lookup Page – This website enables you to create a free personal webpage that ranks high in Google search for your name.


Business Card Resources

4 Over 4 – This is a printing company that will print AND ship your 1st 200 business cards for you for free.

Templates 4 Cards – This website has a huge collection of business card templates all with a creative touch.


Ping Services

Mass-ping – Enter the URL for your website into this site, and it will submit your URL to dozens of search engines and online directories which will improve your site’s SEO.


Misc. Resources

Database USA – Register for this site and you’ll get 500 sales leads for free.

EZ Texting – This website will send 100 SMS ads per month for you for free.

My Shop Signs – Here you’ll find a large collection of free, printable signs for your business.

The 24 tools and resources that I just gave you make up only a fraction of the tools and resources that you will get in my e-book,The Ultimate Business Toolbox which is available now for $11.99. To purchase a copy, click on the link below.

Untitled design (6)

The Ultimate Business Toolbox

I hope you found this content helpful. If you would like more content like this, be sure to go back to my homepage and subscribe to my newsletter.

Thank you for reading!



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  1. Does anyone know about any other free marketing tools that I did not mention in this post? Post it here in the comments section.


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