63 Blogs That Pay Cash For Guest Posts

In my last post, I discussed earning a living through blogging, and I mentioned some platforms that you could get started on if blogging is something that you re interested in. In this post, I want to discuss the benefits of writing guest posts for other blogs. There are several benefits to writing guest posts which I will cover momentarily.

First, I want to address the idea that writing guest posts is just for bloggers or freelance writers, because that way of thinking can be detrimental to your career or your business if you are not a blogger or a freelance writer. Just because you are not a writer or a blogger by trade, that shouldn’t mean that you don’t need to consider writing articles or guest posts. There is such a thing called content marketing, and it can be a very powerful strategy to promote your business. Should you ever get the opportunity to publish content that you personally created on a blog or website within your niche, I advise that you welcome the opportunity. By publishing an article or some other type of content, you have a chance to demonstrate your knowledge or expertise, as well as promote yourself and your business. Even if you do not have a business of your own, having any published work on a website that pertains to the industry of your profession is definatly something that would look great on your resume.

Now, if you are a blogger, and you want to make a living from it, then writing guest posts is an absolute must when you’re first starting out. How else do you expect to direct enough traffic to your website to begin seeing an income? You can’t just set up a website and expect it to start receiving traffic out of the blue, because no one knows it exists. You have to go where there is already traffic so that you can direct some of it over to your own website. Until your blog or website is consistently receiving a decent amount of traffic on its own, you should be creating guest content for other blogs in your niche just as often as you are creating content for your own website.

Whether you write for a living or not, this post may help you learn of an opportunity or two that can benefit you sometime in the near future, but first, let’s look at some of the reasons why writing guest posts is a great idea.


5 Incentives for Writing Guest Posts

1. Each time you write a guest post you have an opportunity to create a back link to your blog or website. 

Most blog owners that accept guest posts will allow you to include a link to your own blog somewhere in your post, and this is extremely important for your website’s search ranking. The amount of links on the World Wide Web that are pointing back to your website is one of the biggest factors that affect your website’s search rankings, hence where it shows up in search results on Google and other major search engines. The quality of backlinks to your site also affects your search rankings, quality meaning where on the internet it is found. So, if you have a backlink to your site on another website that ranks high in the search engines for your target keywords, you have a quality backlink, which Google likes.

There are blog owners that accept guest posts, but will not allow you to put any self promoting links in your post. These blogs are almost not worth spending the time to write content for, even if they pay you for your content, so I would advise not to waste your time with them.

2. Each time you write a guest post, you create a new source of traffic for your website. 

If you write guest posts for websites that consistently receive a high volume of traffic, then it is inevitable that some of that site’s traffic will also become your traffic. If your  guest posts are rich in the right keywords, then it can end up showing up on the first page of search results for a long time, especially if the site that you write for already ranks high in the search engines. One well written guest post on the right website can bring traffic to your own website time and time again. In fact, many blogs can attribute their initial success to one or two well written guest posts, so it could happen for you too!

3. Writing guest posts adds to your credibility. 

When a website that is viewed as an authority within your niche accepts your content, you receive instant credibility. The more places that your content can be found around the web, the higher your credibility within your niche will become.

4. By writing guest posts for other blogs, you create beneficial relationships with other influencers in your niche. 

When you create good relationships with other influencers in your niche, it can benefit you well beyond the guest post. Many influencers will start referencing your blog posts from time to time sending you traffic every time!

5. Many blog owners will pay you for writing guest posts for them. 

Every blog owner is in constant need of fresh content, and if you can help fulfill this need for them, a lot of blog owners, especially the ones whose blogs are well established, will be more than happy to compensate you. I have seen blogs pay as low as $10 to over $1,000 per guest post that they accept. I think that it is important to note here that your main concern when writing guest posts should be to drive traffic to your website, and to improve its search ranking. Getting paid on top of achieving those objectives is a bonus.


5 Criteria For Choosing Who to Write For

Before you start pitching blog owners to guest post for them, it is important to qualify them.

What do you mean Sean?

Allow me to explain. Yes, writing guest posts in and of itself is quite crucial for the success of your business, but you don’t want to write guest posts for just anyone, this could prove to be a waste of time and perhaps even detrimental to you.

Before taking the time to create content for another blog or website, you need to make sure that you are going to get the maximum benefit out of doing so, therefore, it is important to have a set of criteria that a website has to meet in order for you to create content for it. In doing this, you will ensure that you, not only will not be wasting your time, but that you are doing something that will contribute to your overall success. Read on for 5 recommended criteria to use to determine if a website is worthy of your content.

1. The same niche

This one should be obvious, but it still needs to be expressed. If your niche is computer programming, then it would not make sense to write a guest post for a blog about ice fishing. You need to create content only for websites whose audiences are looking for the type of content that you have to offer.

2. Allows backlinks

Your main objectives for writing a guest post are to improve your website’s SEO, and to drive traffic to your site. If a blog owner will accept your guest post, but will not allow you to include a link back to your own website, don’t waste your time. There are plenty of other blog owners within your niche that are happy to allow you to link back to your site, so create content for them instead.

3. A lot of traffic consistently

If your aim is to attract visitors to your website, then you wouldn’t write a guest post for a blog that was just created last week. You need to write for blogs that are well established and have plenty of traffic to share with you. A great resource to use when you’re qualifying blogs for your content is a website called W3 Snoop. You can go on this site and enter any URL, and it will give you a ton of useful info on it, such as the number of daily, monthly, and yearly unique visits to the URL.

4. A profitable audience

The quality of traffic on a website is just as important as the quantity of traffic. You want to be sure that you are attracting visitors to your website that are going to click on your ads, buy your products, or pay for your services. So, when you see that a website is profitable, this means that it’s visitors are spending money as a result of visiting the site. Whenever you find a website in your niche who’s audience is spending money, then there is a really good chance that this same audience would spend money as a result of visiting your website as well. Again, use W3 Snoop, as it will tell you a website’s daily, monthly, and yearly revenue.

5. Shows up on 1st page of search results

The fact is well known that the majority of people rarely go past page 1 of the results to their searches, therefore, you should probably write guest posts for websites that show up on page 1 for your chosen keywords.


Websites That Pay For Guest Posts

I’ve taken the liberty of finding some blogs that, not only accept guest posts, but they will even pay you if they accept your content. Please bare in mind that this list is not the end all be all list of websites that accept guest posts, as there are many more sites that do, but I thought that mentioning a few sites in different niches would be helpful. So here we go.


Business & Career Blogs

Income Diary – This is a blog about “how pros make money online.” They accept articles about creating websites, driving traffic, social media, or making money online. If your article is accepted, the pay is up to $200.

I Work Well – The owners of this site accept instructional articles from expert HR professionals. To have your article accepted by I Work Well, you must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience with professional certification. The payment for accepted articles can be up to $195.

Rank Pay – This website publishes content related to SEO, content marketing, and social media tips. Submitted articles must be around 1,000 words, and the pay is $50 for articles that get accepted.

Remark Me – The owners of Remark Me are interested in short articles about money making ideas, as well as money saving tips and tricks. They pay up to $10 for accepted articles.

Smart  Trends – This blog is interested in anything pertaining to online marketing, especially email marketing, Word Press, and Amazon FBA. They want articles of 1,000 words or more, and will pay between $100 and $200 for the ones that they publish.

The Internet Money Journal – What’s that you say? The Internet Money Journal accepts guest posts? Yes, indeed it does.

Unemploymentville – This blog caters to anyone who has felt the sting of being out of work. The kind of writing they are looking for includes personal stories about being unemployed, stories of earning a living by getting gigs rather than a job, advice on dealing with emotional and financial challenges of being out of work, and unique job search techniques. They want articles with a minimum length of 350 words. They  pay $40 to $75.


Money & Finance Blogs

Profit F – This blog is looking for content from experts in Forex or Binary Options trading. They are interested in articles covering the following areas:

  • Forex/ Binary options
  • Education articles
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Review of brokers/ programms for trading
  • Trading psychology
  • Money management

Contributors to Profit F are paid $10 to $50 per accepted article depending on article quality.

The Dollar Stretcher – This website is dedicated to publishing content about ways that people can save time and money. Owners of The Dollar Stretcher are interested in articles of up to 800 words in length with the following types of materials:

  • How to articles
  • Time and space saving techniques
  • Creative ways to save on food, housing, auto, and clothing
  • Stage of life materials for babies, children, teens, college students, singles, couples, the divorced, single parents, empty nesters, and retirees
  • Material on dealing with non frugal partners, children, or significant others
  • Interviews with experts

If you submit an article that gets accepted, your pay will be $0.10 per published word.

Wallet Gains – The owner of this blog is interested in actionable articles pertaining to earning more, paying off debt, and building wealth. Payment for accepted posts falls between $50 and $150 depending on length and complexity of the article.


Writing & Literary Blogs

Craft Literary – This website accepts flash fiction and short fiction submissions, for which they will pay $100 and $200 respectively.

Funds For Writers – This blog accepts any articles pertaining to earning a living as a writer, and will pay $50 for original articles, and $15 for reprints.

Long Reads – This is a literary blog that accepts several different types of submissions. The submissions they accept and the payments they offer are as follows:

  • Blog posts, reading lists, and short interviews – $250
  • Reported, researched, and critical essays – $500
  • Features, long-form journalism, and investigative reports – $1,500
  • Book reviews, book excerpts, and author interviews – $500

The Travel Writer’s Life – Publishes articles on the craft & business of getting paid to travel. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Standard articles – $50 to $75
  • Interviews & personal stories – $100 to $150
  • Articles with specific income advice – $150 to $200

Three Penny Review – Literary blog and magazine. Pays $400 per story or article, and $200 for poems.

Women on Writing – Blog about female authors. Pays $50 to $75 for submissions that are accepted.

Write Naked – This website features several blogs that accept submissions. They are as follows:

  • Interviews
  • Publishing Trends
  • Day in the Life of a Writer
  • Writing Essentials
  • Behind the Pen

Each of the above mentioned blogs will pay $75 per accepted submission.

Writers Weekly – Blog about making a living writing. Pays $60 for features, and $40 for freelance success stories.

Your Online Biz – Yet another blog about making a living from writing. Pays $100 per guest post.


Computer & Tech Blogs

Couchbase – Seeks to publish blogs & tutorials from individuals who know couchbase & the benefits of NoSQL. Pays $200 per accepted submission.

I Love Free Software – Seeks articles & reviews about the latest software releases and developments. The website states that they will pay for guest posts, but does not specify an amount.

Instant Shift – Seeks articles about web design, wordpress, & CSS. Does not specify payment amount, but does state that guest contributors will be compensated.

Java Development Journal – Publishes articles and tutorials covering the following topics:

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring, spring MVC, and security
  • Other spring modules
  • REST
  • Shopsizer

Their payment structure is as follows:

  • 500+ words – $25
  • 750+ words – $35
  • 1200+ words – $50

Lab Mice – Research blog for IT professionals. Pays $60 to $100 for accepted article submissions.

Plesk – Design website that seeks articles, videos, and infographics about the following topics:

  • WordPress
  • Docker & Plesk
  • Website scalability & performance
  • Web security
  • Development basics
  • Javascript frameworks
  • Hyperscalers
  • DevOps
  • Hosting & cloud industry
  • Digital agency life

Payment structure is as follows:

  • Under 1,000 words – $50
  • 1,000 + words – $100
  • 1,500 + words – $200

Techopedia – Blog that caters to IT professionals and pays for guest contributions, but does not specify an amount.


Health Blogs

Anxiety Foundation – Blog about mental health. Pays $50 for guest contributions.

Nutri-inspector – Nutrition blog seeking articles on food & nutrition, kitchen product reviews, and diet and weight loss guides. Payment structure is as follows:

  • Ultimate how-to guides – $120 to $180
  • Informational articles – $120
  • Product reviews – $60

Sex Etc. – Blog geared towards teens about sexual health. Pays $75 per guest article.

Whole Life Times – Blog that serves the holistic community. Has several sections accepting guest posts. See website for payment structure.


Culinary Blogs

Food First – Seeks articles regarding timely and cutting edge food and development issues. Offers $300 for backgrounders, issue briefs, policy briefs, and development issues.

Wine Frog – Blog that aims to provide insight and inspiration for food and beverage professionals. Website does not specify a compensation amount, but does state that they pay competitive rates for guest contributions.


Parenting Blogs

A Fine Parent – Share your hard earned parenting wisdom and get paid $75 per accepted submission.

Freelance Mom – This is a blog geared towards single moms who work for themselves or own their own business. Pays $75 to $100 per guest post.

We Zift – Focuses on topics that help parents become better parents in a technology driven world. Pays $100 for guest posts.


Travel & Outdoors Blogs

Desert USA – Blog focusing on travel in the North American desert and surrounding regions. They pay $50 for guest posts that are published.

Go Nomad – This blog is looking for unique and entertaining coverage on travel experiences and destinations. Pays $25 for each submission that they publish.

Go World Travel – Here is another blog looking for unique travel stories. Pays $30 to $40 per guest post.

Great Escape Publishing – Publishes articles on the craft & business of getting paid to travel. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Standard articles – $50 to $75
  • Interviews & personal stories – $100 to $150
  • Articles with specific income advice – $150 to $200

In the Know Traveler – Looking for great travel stories, photos, and videos. Pays $10 for each story they publish.

Open Road Journey – A blog for motorcycle enthusiasts. They are looking for personal road trip stories. Payment amount is not specified, but they do pay.

Perceptive Travel – This travel blog accepts articles only from travel writers with published books. Pay is $100 per article published.

The Expeditioner – Seeks first person narratives about unique vacation experiences. Pays $30 for each story they publish.

The Mysterious World – Publishes articles about nature, travel, lifestyle, and the universe. Offers $25 to $50 for guest posts.

Theme Park Tourist – Travel blog that publishes stories and reviews on theme parks around the world. They pay $50 for accepted submissions, and if your article attracts a lot of web traffic, they’ll give you a bonus between $25 and $150.

Travel Sign Posts – Seeking informative and entertaining articles about places to go in Europe, things to do, and real life experiences. Pays $25 if they publish your submission.

Zafigo – Publishes travel stories from women’s perspective. Does not specify payment amount, but if your article is accepted, you will be paid.


Blogs That Are Covering Miscellaneous Topics

Ashtray Blog – Covers “all things vape,” and pays $50 for all guest posts.

Back 2 College – Features articles that cover issues if importance to “older” students and pays $55+ for guest posts.

Bank Foreclosure Sale – Seeks articles related to real estate, foreclosures, flipping houses, investing, or specific properties and pays $100 for guest posts.

Blog Paws – Focuses on pets and pet owners. Pays $75 for relevant guest posts.

Cig Buyer – Another blog about vaping. Compensation for guest posts is negotiable.

Cracked – Punishes list style articles. Cracked will compensate guest writers, although amount is not specified.

Craft Bits – Craft projects, patterns, and tutorials are this blog’s topics of discussion. They pay $35 for guest posts.

Guide Posts – Publishes stories about people who have attained a goal, surmounted an obstacle, or learned a helpful lesson through their faith. They do offer a payment for guest posts, but an amount is not specified.

How I Round – A blog about the theater scene. They publish pieces on the following topics:

  • Theater Commining
  • Ideas and practices that challenge – and seek to revolutionize – the status quo
  • Marginalized or lesser known aesthetics, or new forms of theater practice
  • Equity, inclusivity, and accessibility for underrepresented theater communities and practices
  • Theater practice, process, and relevant issues in a specific geographical location that are meaningful and relevant to people around the world.

There pay structure is as follows:

  • 750 to 1,000 words – $50
  • 1,000 to 1,500 words – $100
  • 1,500 to 2,000 – $150

Industrial Scripts – Film blog that pays $40 for articles around 1,000 words, and $70 for articles around 2,000 words.

Killer Directory – Publishes blog posts on many different topics. They pay $15 per guest post, and a $5 bonus for every 10,000 verifiable visitors that your post gets in the 1st week

Lady Q’s – Seeking guest posts on topics that loosely fall into one of the preexisting site categories, but will also accept spectacular pieces on topics that fall outside said categories. Pay is $50.

List Verse – Publishes list articles that fall into many different categories. They pay $100 for guest posts.

Loaded Landscapes – Publishes articles related to landscaping, nature, wildlife, and travel photography. Payments for guest articles range from $20 to $150.

SHTF Blog – Survivalist blog that pays $50 per guest post.

Submittable – Hosts blog content for creatives. Pays $50 per guest post.


I just named off quite a few blogs that will pay you to write a guest post for them, 63 blogs to be exact, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface as far as the number of blogs out there that pay for guest content. Most of the websites that I listed state very clearly that you DO NOT have to be an expert writer in order for them to consider publishing your work.

Whether you have a blog of your own, do freelance writing for a living, or just want to find a way to make some extra cash, writing guest content is an excellent, and rewarding way to put some credibility behind your name and promote yourself. I believe that everyone should consider having at least one piece of their written work published and available to the public, because it’s a way to immortalize your voice. Take my word for it, you’ll be happy you did it!

What are some other blogs you’ve heard of paying for guest content? Reply in the comments section below.

If the topics covered by The Internet Money Journal are topics that you too are interested in or passionate about, then I invite you to be a guest contributor to my blog. If this is something that you are interested in, please visit the Content Submissions page for submission instructions. I look forward to reviewing your work.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, or found it helpful, be sure to sign up to my mailing list to receive premium content from me weekly.

In my next post, I’m going to discuss content markets, freelance writing platforms, and job boards specifically for writers.

Until next time, thank you for reading!

This page contains affiliate links. In the event of a sale, I will be awarded a commission at no cost to you. 


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