24 Websites That Pay For Essays, Poetry, And Greeting Cards

In this post, we’re going to discuss opportunities for you to get paid for writing essays, poetry, and greeting cards.

This post is for all you academics out there, for all you scholars, creatives, romantics, and poets. There are quite a few platforms that make it possible for you to profit from your creative writings, so I’m here to tell you what some of those platforms are.

So, are you ready to get paid for your work? Then read on!


Paid Essay Writing

When I was in school, I use to love writing essays. If you’re like me in that regard then you are a different breed. Many high school and college students would rather be doing almost anything than writing an essay.

Then you have the students that either are not very confident with their writing, or are struggling with a particular topic or subject.

These are the reasons why there is a market for essay writers.

Many students (or their parents) are willing to pay good money for an essay that will get them a good grade, especially if they don’t have to be the ones writing it.

If you’re like me, and actually enjoy doing the research needed, and enjoy writing, then paid essay writing is something that you might want to look into.

Below, I’ve listed a few websites where you can get paid pretty good money for writing academic essays.

Academia Research

This company seeks subject matter experts in all types of industries to write quality essays for students. In order to work with Academia Research, you most hold a degree in your field or industry. If you are hired by Academia Research, you get the following benefits:

  • Flexible schedule. You can choose when, and how much you work.
  • Great bonus plans and high pay rates, starting at $5 to $20 per page.
  • Convenient communication with your customers
  • Regular payouts every 14 days
  • No contests. When you pick up a writing job, you’ll be the only person working on it.
  • New jobs every single day
  • No membership fees
  •  Only verified jobs

In order to be hired, you must pass an English proficiency test, and a writing skills test.


If you’re interested in writing for Academia Research, APPLY HERE.

Custom Papers

Custom Papers is looking for freelance academic writers specializing in one or more of the following areas:

  • Business and economics
  • Medicine, nursing, and related fields
  • Law and Business Law
  • Psychology
  • Biology and biomedical sciences
  • Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Chemistry, Physics, & Engineering
  • Architecture and allied arts
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Women’s Studies, ethnic studies, LGBT Studies, & international studies

Applicants with advanced accounting and/ or statistics skills are especially encouraged.

Applicants must hold at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Your application must include your resume, at least two writing samples, and a 600- word, never before published essay.

If you are hired by Custom Papers, you are given the freedom to set your own schedule, and determine your own prices for each project you take on.


If you’re interested in applying for Custom Papers, please see APPLICATION GUIDELINES.

EDU Birdie

Like the two previously mentioned websites, this company will allow you to set your own schedule and work load. They seem to have a tough application process, as just under 8% of their applicants get hired, so kudos to you if you can land this one.


Essay Writers

This website states that it’s freelance academic writers can earn up to $30 per page that they write. You also have the opportunity to earn bonuses through seasonal competitions, good client appraisals, and holiday incentives. It does not appear that this company requires applicants to have a degree like the previously mentioned websites, applicants just need to pass a grammar test, and successfully complete a writing assignment to get hired.


I Write Essays

This is another platform that does not require its applicants to have a degree in order to be an approved essay writer. In order to be hired here, you must take a grammar test, and write a sample essay. If you pass the test, and if they are satisfied with your sample essay, you’re in!

If you’re interested in working with I Write Essays, your can APPLY HERE.


Writers Essay Shark

As a paid writer on this platform, you have to compete with the other writers on the platform by placing bids on available writing jobs, so I imagine that jobs go to the writer that is charging the least amount of money. This is another platform that requires applicants to have a college degree to be hired.

If you would like to apply to be a writer on Writers Essay Shark, you can do so HERE.


Writers Lab

Here is another platform that does NOT require you to have a college degree in order to be hired, you just need to fill out your CV, and pass their writing test. Writers Lab claims to have a constant work flow for its writers, and they claim to pay the highest wages.

If you want to give this company a shot, you can APPLY HERE.


VIP Writers

Last on our list of essay writing gigs, this platform states that you can earn up to $30 per page. It does not appear that you need to have a college degree in order to be hired as an essay writer, you just need to pass an English test, and a writing test.

APPLY HERE if you’re interested in becoming a VIP Writer.



Greeting Card Writers Wanted

Did you know that the majority of greeting cards are created by independent artists, and written by freelance writers? It’s true!

Greeting card companies are always looking for great ideas for new greeting cards, and they are willing to pay good money to those who bring them these ideas. So, if your an artist, or a creative writer, why not capitalize on this?

If you think you can come up with some great greeting card ideas, then check out the below list of greeting card companies that would be more than happy to pay you for your original ideas, if they are good ones.

Blue Mountain Arts

This company is interested in poetry, and other writings that would be appropriate for greeting cards. The type of content they are interested in is family friendly content, and lovey dovey type of stuff.

If you submit a poem to Blue Mountain Arts that they like, they will pay you $300 for the worldwide, exclusive rights to print it on greeting cards and other products, or $50 to publish it in a book once.


CMP Market

This is an adult humor greeting card company, so they are definatly not looking for the cutsey, mushy stuff. What they want instead is adult humor, dirty jokes, nude photos, and the like.

The pay is $50 for any gagline that they decide to accept, and payment for artwork and photos they accept is negotiable.



This is another company that publishes adult humor, and actually prefers slogans, or one-liners.

They will pay you $50 for any of your submissions that they accept.



This company wants funny content that they can print on their greeting cards, and other products. Their website states that they will compensate you if they accept your submissions, but it does not specify an amount.


Oatmeal Studios

This company pays for artist, and writer submissions of humorous ideas that appeal to a range of ages and interests.

Payment for accepted submissions is negotiable.


SNAFU Designs 

These guys are looking for humorous greeting card ideas for all occasions, that is catered to the “smart, adult audience.”

SNAFU Designs will pay you $100 for any of your ideas that they use.


Warner Press 

This is a faith-based company that accepts submissions that incorporate the teachings of The Holy Bible, and messages about having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The website states that you will be compensated for any of your submissions that are accepted, however, an amount is not specified.



Dust to Dust, Ash to Ash, Come ye Poets, Let’s Earn Some Cash

If poetry is your forte, than you could be earning some serious money.

There are quite a few websites, and online publications that will give you a nice chunk of change if you can give them an awesome, and original work of poetry that they can publish for their audiences.

The below list names a few of the websites out there that will pay you for your poetry submissions that they like.

50 Haikus

This is an online publication that accepts haiku submissions of all types.

If you submit a haiku that gets published, you will be paid $10, and you’ll receive a free, 12-month subscription to 50 Haikus online publication.


Arc Poetry

This website considers all types of poetry submissions as long as they do not exceed 3 poems, or 360 lines.

If you submit poetry here and it gets published, you will be paid $50 per published page.


Dreams & Nightmares

This website considers poetry and art submissions

If your submission gets published, you will be paid $12 upon publication, and you’ll receive 2 contributors copies for free.


New Myths

This site publishes original poetry and art.

For poetry that they accept, they pay contributors 1.5 cents/word or a minimum of $30, and for art that they accept, they pay the artist $60.


Pedestal Magazine

This publication accepts poetry submissions with no restrictions on theme, style, length, or genre. All submissions must have a maximum of 5 poems.

Pedestal Magazine pays its writers $50 per poem that is published.



Rattle publishes all forms of original poetry in print, and online. If you send them a submission that gets published to their online content, you will be paid $50; now, if your submission is published in their print publication, your payment is doubled to $100.



Ruminate accepts submissions of poetry, art, and prose. Their payment structure for submissions that they accept is as follows:

  • $20/page of poetry with a maximum of $80 per poem.
  •  $20/page of visual art.
  • $20/400 words of prose


Slice Magazine

This is a literary magazine that accepts story, essay, flash fiction, and poetry submissions. For submissions that are published, the pay structure is as follows:

  • $250 for stories & essays
  • $75 for flash fiction pieces
  • $75 for poems


The Poetry Foundation

Out of every website on this list, The Poetry Foundation pays out

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In the next post, we’ll discuss how you can make money from writing how-to guides, and tutorials.

Thank you for reading!

This post may contain affiliate links. In the event of a sale, I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you.


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