Freebie Friday #1: Fax Zero

Happy Friday! I have been very much looking forward to this post. I am excited to introduce a new weekly post that will be published every single Friday afternoon. Welcome to the first edition of Freebie Friday!

Every Freebie Friday post will feature a new freebie, or a website where you can access freebies. Eventually, I plan on creating a freebie library where every freebie that is introduced will be archived.

Now, not every freebie will be business related. Some freebies will be practical, useful, and applicable to your business; some freebies will be fun, and entertaining; some freebies will be only applicable to people with certain types of occupations, or people that have specific interests; and then there will be a lot of freebies that anybody can use. I actually have over a year’s worth of freebies to post, and let me tell you, I have some pretty awesome stuff lined up for this.

For our first Freebie Friday post, I have something that’s practical, and applicable to your business. There is an online faxing service called Fax Zero, which will enable you to send and receive faxes anywhere in the U.S. or Canada for free. To date, Fax Zero has sent over 19 million faxes, and has been featured in several majors publications such as Kiplinger, U.S. News, and Clark’s World.


When you register to Fax Zero, you will be given your very own fax number. Since Fax Zero is a digital service, you do not need to own a fax machine to use it, in fact, you can even send or receive faxes by just using your smartphone! Fax Zero will allow you to fax up to 3 pages per fax not including a cover page, and you can send up to 5 faxes for free daily. The website is very simple and extremely user friendly as you can see from the below image.


Having a Fax Zero account is just like having another email account, except this email account can send and receive faxes, and it has a 10-diget number instead of an email address; it’s like the environmentally friendly alternative to using an actual fax machine.

If you don’t own a fax machine, yet you find yourself needing to send or receive a fax every now and then, I highly recommend using Fax Zero, as I’ve used it myself, and I am very satisfied with the service it provides.

Visit the Fax Zero website

So that’s this week’s freebie, I hope you find it useful. If you would like to receive even better freebies on a regular basis, subscribe to my newsletter. As a subscriber, you’ll receive all kinds of tools, resources, freebies, and other goodies every single week that are only available to subscribers.

Thank you for reading and please tell your friends about The Internet Money Journal.

Have a great weekend!

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