Freebie Friday V: 2000 Freebies

Ladies and gentlemen, Friday is here again and it is time for us to check out another free resource!

Today, we’re going to take a look at a website called 2000 Freebies. 2000 Freebies is exactly what it sounds like, a freebies website. Now, if you have never taken the time to explore one of these freebies websites, I recommend that you do, because you don’t know what you could be missing out on. You won’t believe some of the things that you can get for free online if you just know where to find them, and freebie websites like 2000 Freebies are a great place to start. So, let’s take a quick tour of 2000 Freebies.


Quick Tour of 2000 Freebies

On this website’s homepage, you’ll find in the center of the page a list of new freebies for the month, as well as updates on previous offers and freebies. Underneath that, you’ll find a list of the newest free samples that are available for this year. Next, you’ll find a list of websites that you can earn cash or gift cards on by simply giving your opinion on certain products and services. Underneath that is a list of the newest free printable coupons that became available for the week. Finally, at the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find a short list of brands that are giving out rebates for the purchase of specific products or services.

To the right side of the homepage, near the top, you will see an opt-in box so that you can subscribe to the newsletter. I recommend that you do subscribe to the newsletter, that way you will always be aware of the newest freebies that become available on 2000 Freebies, and you won’t have to remember to visit the website. While I’m sure that you are not going to be interested in every single little freebie that comes up, every so often, an offer or a freebie will become available that you will not want to miss out on. By subscribing to the newsletter, you can avoid missing out on offers that you could really benefit from.

On the left side of the homepage is where you’ll find the website’s navigation menu listing all of the sections and pages of 2000 Freebies. So, let’s take a quick look at each page of this website.


This is the first section that you see on the navigation menu. In this section, you have access to the following links:

  • Food Freebies – restaurants and grocery freebies, restaurants and grocery coupons, free recipes, free cookbooks, and all offers pertaining to food.
  • Free Stuff – all kinds of freebies available.
  • Free Drug Coupons – printable discount coupon card for prescription drugs enabling you to save up to 75%.
  • Product Samples – List of brands that will send free samples of their products directly to your household upon request.
  • Holiday Freebies – free stuff for the holidays shown below.


Free Samples

In this section, you’ll find all of the free product Samples available on 2000 Freebies organized in alphabetical order like so:

Newest Freebies

This section has all of the newest freebies organized into the following categories:

Print Coupons

Printable coupons organized into the following categories:


Free Home Stuff

Freebies and coupons for home maintenance, furnishing, and decor.


Health Specials

Links to freebies and coupons for health related products & services.

Free Coupons

Hundreds of coupon codes or digital coupons.


Free Family Stuff

Links to family related freebies and discounts.


Free Software

Here you’ll find different types of software downloads.



This section is a list of links to other freebies sites and resources.

Visit 2000 Freebies

Well,  that’s the grand tour of 2000 Freebies. If you take the time to look through the site, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of useful freebies and coupons. To recieve even more and better freebies, be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. As a subscriber, you’ll recieve all kinds of awesome freebies that are only available to subscribers.

Thank you for reading.

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