The Ultimate Internet Auction Toolkit

If you read the previous post that was published on Monday, then you know that it’s all about selling items or products using online auction platforms such as Ebay. When I was doing the research for that post, I came across quite a few tools and resources that are available online for free, that were created to help people run online auctions, and to help them sell things via online auctions.

Many of these tools that I found in my research are highly useful, so I decided that I would put all of these online auction tools together into a collection to create an online auction toolkit for your knowledge and use, and that is the purpose of this post. Now I found tools that were designed for both the buyer and the seller side of online auctions, so I will separate each tool into one of these two categories for you. Let’s get started.


Tools For Buyers

If you enjoy participating in online auctions as a prospective buyer, then you should know that there are tools and resources available to you online for free that can potentially give you a tremendous edge over other buyers in these auctions. Here is a collection of tools that will help you win more auctions online.

Auction Defender

Ebay tracking, bidding and sniping.


Auction Lotwatch

Excellent source of free auction and shopping tools. Here you’ll find tons of auction search tools, auction directories, snipping tools, and auction news sources.


Auction Stealer

Ebay auction sniper that automatically places bids on your chosen auctions at the last minute for you so that your competitors literally have no time to react to your bids.


EZ Sniper

This tool automates your bidding for you. Specifically, it will place a bid in the last minute of your chosen auctions for just pennies more than the top bid, that way you will always only pay just enough to win the auction. EZ Sniper works on the following auction platforms:

  • Delcampe
  • Gun Auction (Snibble)
  • All Ebay sites
  • Liquidation
  • Gov Deals
  • Liquidation Snibble
  • Gun Auction



Goofbid offers a suite of free tools that will give you an edge over other buyers in Ebay auctions. These tools include a collection of search tools containing the following:

  • Ebay Sniper
  • Ebay Exact Search
  • Ebay Misspelling Search
  • Ebay Not in Title Search
  • Ebay Local Search
  • Ebay Feedback Checker

Goofbid also provides the following additional tools for buyers:

  • Ebay Bid History Tool
  • Ebay Seller History Tool
  • Ebay Best Offer Tool
  • Ebay Most Popular Tool


JBid Watcher

Free Ebay sniping, bidding and monitoring.



Many Ebay auctions contain typo errors in the listing title. For example, Samsung might be accidentally spelled Samung and, as a result, the listing is not shown, therefore, it does not receive any bids. Typohound generates common misspellings of keywords that you enter. Here are the types of spelling errors that Typohound generates:

  • Characters typed twice
  • Characters omitted
  • Characters swapped
  • Key next to correct character hit
  • Key next to correct character AND correct character hit

Since few people find these auctions to bid on, you can bag incredible deals by using this tool.


Typo Bay

Just like Typohound, Typo Bay is a free service that helps you find misspelled auctions so that you can take advantage of amazing bargains.



Tools For Sellers

Interested in selling your items or your products in online auctions? Here is a collection of tools to help auction more efficiently and maximize your profits.

Auction Ads

Auctions classifieds website where you can advertise your auctions for free.


Auction Blox

This tool allows you to create a mini Ebay storefront that you can embed on your own website.


Auction Repair

This is a collection of free tools to help you find problems and make repairs to your auction listings.


Auction Username

Free tool that helps you find the best unregistered Ebay usernames so that you can register them yourself.


Bid Hub

Host your own open-source silent auctions for free.


Ebay Bulk Listing Tools

Tools provided by Ebay for Ebay merchants to list multiple items at once.

EOB Cards

On this site you’ll find a plethora of copy and paste HTML codes for adding designs and features to your Ebay store.

Free Auction Designs

Free templates and listing tools for Ebay.


Milo Designs

Here you can access a number of tutorials about creating beautiful and professional looking Ebay storefronts, as well as tutorials about efficiently running your Ebay stores.


Push Auction

This is a platform engineered for Ebay enterprise sellers that offers a number of useful features that include the following:

  • List items on a global Ebay marketplace with ease, and manage them with confidence and efficiency.
  • Auto acquire orders from Ebay, create bulk shipping labels speedily, and keep track of delivery status.
  • Reply to Ebay messages like you’re handling emails, and keep a close relationship with customers worldwide.
  • Simplify inventory management and speed up product sourcing with purchase order, stock in and stock out monitoring.
  • And much more!


Sales Reports For Ebay

Ebay provided tool that gives you the detailed information you need to understand how your business is performing on Ebay, and how you can improve your sales.


Free auction template tools and Ebay listing designs.


Zippy Help

Tons of free tools and resources to help you host better auctions online. Resources include copy and paste HTML codes, page templates, guides and tutorials, helpful links, and other resources.


businessman-3189794_1920 (1)

Now that you have been armed with all these awesome tools that I found for you, you should be able to do some damage in the online auction arena as a buyer or a seller. If you know of any other tools or resources for online auctions that I are not in this post, please mention them in the comments section for us. Of all the tools that I did cover, which ones do you think are the most useful?

To get even more and better tools and resources like the ones in this post, make sure that you subscribe to my free email newsletter. As a subscriber, you will receive even more awesome tools and resources, plus other freebies that are only given to subscribers.

This is The Internet Money Journal. Thank you for reading!

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