How to Cash In On Your Movies, Music, and Video Games

In this post, I’m going to discuss turning your previously loved items into quick cash, specifically your DVD’s or BLU-RAYs, CD’s, and video games. We all own movies that we no longer watch, music that we no longer listen to, or video games that we’ve beaten on every difficulty level several times and just don’t play anymore.

So what do you do with these items?

Most of us usually just let these things sit on the shelf and collect dust, or take up space in our disc cases without ever getting anymore use. We get to a point where we finally just end up giving our pre- loved items away, or worse, we throw them in the garbage. Both of these options are not the best choices,  and what good is it keeping things around if we are honestly never going to use them again?

I thought that I would present a fourth option to you that really makes the most sense. Take your movies that you no longer watch, your music that you no longer listen to, and your video games that you no longer play, and turn them into dollars. Then you can buy new stuff, while your old stuff does not have to go to waste.

There is a number of websites that are more than happy to compensate you for your used entertainment, and they will even cover the shipping charges for you. I have taken the time to find some of these websites, and list them for you below.


Websites That Pay Cash For Used Movies, Music, or Video Games


Bonavendi compares prices of more than 20 different vendors and buyback websites. You will always sell your used cds at the best price.

Cash 4 BLU-RAYS 

The name says it all. Get cash for your used BLU- RAYS. This website will also buy your used CD’s, Games, and cassettes.

Cash For Gamers

Another name that is self explanatory. Here you can sell video games, consoles, iPads, & more.



Decluttr is the fast, easy and totally free way to sell cell phones, tech, CDs, DVDs, games and books. Simply get an instant valuation, ship for FREE and get paid!

DK Oldies

DKOldies is the #1 place to sell your old video games for the most cash online with Free Shipping. Sell used games and consoles at the prices listed.


Eagle Saver

Sell books, CD’s, DVD’s, BLU-RAYS, and games for cash.



Trade in or sell your old video games or consoles for cash. Estarland claims to offer the best trade in values on the planet.



Gameflip offers a marketplace where you can sell games, in-game items, gift cards, & movies. Seller protection is included.


Second Spin

One of the more well known platforms for selling CD’s, DVD’s, and BLU-RAYS.


Sell DVD’s Online

Go to this website to sell your DVD’s, CD’s, video games, and gaming consoles.

The Old School Game Vault

The Old School Game Vault gives fast cash for selling used video games online. You can sell old video games, from Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, PlayStation, Atari and much more. You can even sell retro video games like Super Mario Bros, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and the list goes on.


Trade 4 Cash

Trade in your Xbox 360Xbox OnePS3PS4WiiU and Switch Video Games and Game Consoles. Trade4Cash offers FREE shipping and FAST payment.

Trade Games In

Sell your used/old video games and consoles. Get paid within 24 hours…guaranteed!!



Ziffit is probably one of the most hassle free ways to sell your used CD’s online. You can also sell your used DVD’s, books, and games.



Closing Words

At this point, it should be quite apparent that there is a market and a demand for used movies, music, & games. Even the games and consoles that we grew up with which are considered by today’s youth to be ancient still have a demand. Why let that stuff go to waste by throwing it away or letting it sit and collect dust,  when there are websites like the ones mentioned in this post that are more than happy to give you cash for it? If something doesn’t make dollars, then it doesn’t make sense. If you know of other sites that will buy used movies, music, or video games that I didn’t cover, please mention them for us in the comments below.

In the next post, we’ll discuss platforms where you can sell your wardrobe items from websites that allow you to sell your used clothing to platforms that will enable you to literally start your own clothing line for free. In the meantime, subscribe to my weekly newsletter, and you’ll recieve the latest news and updates on ways to make money online, as well as amazing resources that are only available to subscribers.

Thank you for reading!


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