Freebie Friday VIII: I Love Free Things

Happy Friday webpreneurs!

For this edition of Freebie Friday, I have yet another awesome freebies website for you to check out. This one is called I Love Free Things. Let’s take a brief tour.


When you get to the homepage of I Love Free Things, the first thing that you’ll likely notice is a box on the top right of the page where you can subscribe to the website’s newsletter. If you like taking advantage of freebies and giveaways, I recommend subscribing, because this gives you the advantage of being one of the first people to know when there are new freebies or samples available. There are a lot of incidents where a brand may be giving out free stuff to a very limited number of people so, as a subscriber, you can make sure that you get to be one of these lucky people.

Underneath the newsletter subscription form, the rest of the homepage is divided into two columns which are labeled Fresh Free Samples, and Staff Picks. The Fresh Free Samples column shows you the newest free samples that are available from top brands. In the Staff Picks column, you’ll find the best and most popular freebies and coupons that the website has to offer.

If you click on the very top left corner of the page, it will open up the navigation menu where you can go to the other sections of the website which are listed below.

Free Stuff

In the section you’ll find all kinds of freebies and giveaways by your favorite brands.

Free Samples

Here you’ll find tons of brands that will send free samples of their products directly to your address.


In the beauty section you’ll find free samples of makeup, perfume, hair products, and various other beauty products.


Go to page to get free stuff for baby.


Pet owners, visit this section for free samples of food and supplies for your pets.


The next time you have an appetite, head over to this section where you’ll find food freebies, Samples, & coupons.


Freebies and coupons for health related products.


Tons of free calendars by different brands.


Under this menu tab, you’ll find a whole bunch of other sections that you can jump to. Let’s check them out.

  • Coupons – tons of printable coupons for in-store shopping, and coupon codes for online shopping.
  • Clothing – clothing freebies & coupons.
  • Books – free books for book lovers.
  • Games – YES gamers! Freebies for you too!
  • Birthday Freebies – there are a lot of brands that will give you free stuff for your birthday. Check them out here.
  • Education – free stuff for students.
  • Business – freebies for your job or business.
  • Greeting Cards – free greeting card downloads.
  • Just for kids – freebies for the kidos.
  • Magazines – Magazine samples & subscriptions for free.
  • Money – free gift cards and deals on gift cards.
  • Music – Freebies for music lovers.
  • Stickers – free stickers of all types, shapes, & sizes.
  • Other – any other type of freebie that the site has to offer.

Visit I Love Free Things

That concludes this weeks edition of Freebie Friday, and our tour of I Love Free Things. If you love free things, you should definitely check out the site for yourself, and you should also SUBSCRIBE to my weekly newsletter. As a subscriber, you’ll recieve all kinds of awesome freebies that only subscribers get to enjoy.

Thank you for reading!


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