45 Websites To Sell Your Apparel And Fashion Designs

More and more people are buying and selling clothes online nowadays. If you have been keeping up with our latest posts, you know that the main topic that we have been focusing on is E-commerce and selling products online. Indeed we are living in an e-commerce revolution, and I believe that it has not yet come even close to reaching it’s peak.

Everyday more people are choosing e-commerce as their preferred method of shopping; this is especially true for the fashion industry. Quite a few platforms have emerged that are enabling folks to easily sell their apparel online, and more of these platforms are being created almost daily.

This E-commerce Revolution has created a huge opportunity for those who wish to sell their clothing online, and it has given independent apparel designers and sellers the ability to effectively compete against the big clothing brands. Whether you’re interested in simply selling a couple of peices of used clothing that you no longer wear, or you aspire to create your own clothing brand, the future in the fashion trade is bright indeed.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some great e-commerce platforms where you can easily sell your used gear, or even go as far as creating your own clothing line.


Recycling Your Used Gear

Every now and then, all of us end up with outfits that we just don’t wear, or can’t wear. When this happens, most people either give these items away, or worse they discard them. It doesn’t make sense to do this because, although you may not like how something looks or feels on you, there is someone out there who would love to have that item in their wardrobe, and would be happy to buy it from you. I assure you that the person who wants to buy your used item from you is going to appreciate it a lot more than your friend that you were going to just give that item away to for free. The following websites are platforms where you can turn your used gear or accessories into cash money.

Buy My Heels

Designer shoes can get expensive, so when you have a perfectly good pair that you no longer wear, don’t sell yourself short, sell your designer heels on this website instead!



When you have some decent kicks that you need to find a new home for, you can sell your used sneakers on Kixify for no up front cost, and only a small 8% fee when your kicks get sold.

Once Upon A Child

Our little ones sure do grow up quick, don’t they? When junior outgrows his clothes, Once Upon a Child will take them. This website will buy your gently used kids clothes, shoes, and even toys for cash.


Another great platform to sell your name brand wardrobe items where their homepage boldly states “the #1 way to buy and sell fashion.”

Recycle Your Fashions

Whenever you have used fashion, and you don’t want to deal with selling it yourself, you can consign it to Recycle Your Fashions, and receive 50% of the revenue when your items are sold.

Sideline Swap

If you have perfectly good athletic gear that you know you’re never going to use, cash it in on Sideline Swap.



Turn your clothes into cash at your affordable thrift and consignment store online, Swap.


They claim to be the largest online consignment and thrift store. Thredup is another place where you’ll get cash for your secondhand clothes.


If you’re looking to make some money off of your designer clothing, Tradesy will guide you from start to sell.


Wedding Dresses & Accessories

Ya gotta love weddings, especially since nobody looks more amazing in white than you do! When it’s all said and done however, and the honeymoon is over, you’re probably not going to wear that dress ever again, so get some cash for it. Go to these sites to sell your wedding dresses and other wedding related items.

Nearly Newlywed

List your dress on this site, and get 60% of the sale. Nearly Newlywed does charge a $25 listing fee, but with the level of exposure and promotion your listing gets, it’s worth it.


Once Wed

If you’re looking to sell a wedding dress, Once Wed will help you find a buyer who will love it again.

Out of Your Life

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we thought they would. If you’re currently going through a divorce, my heart goes out to you, which is why I’m making you aware of Out of Your Life where you can sell your ex’s engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, and fine jewelry.


Preowned Wedding Dresses

Here is another platform that will help you get paid for that dress. They are known to have high selling rates, which is awesome for you!


Sell My Wedding Dress

The title explains it all. Your used wedding dress = $ in your pocket.


Sell your wedding rings with trust.


Accessory Money

We can’t forget about accessories in this post. Here are some websites where you can get cash for your handbags, watches, and other accessories.

Bag, Barrow, or Steal

Consign your designer handbags to this website, and you’ll get 70% of the revenue when your bags are sold.


Chrono 24

Sell your watch on Chrono 24 and become one of their 1,500 successful sellers that they get monthly.


Why should you sell your designer handbags on Fashionphile? How about the fact that they’ve already paid out over $915K to over 1,250 people just last week?!



Do you have new or unloved makeup that you need to get rid of? Go to Glambot and get some money while you’re at it.



The go-to platform to sell your gently used bridal jewellery & accessories.



Makeup addict blog sales marketplace.



Another platform where you can trade your designer handbags in for cash.

Sell Your Gold

Sell your gold and get paid in 24 hours.


The Real Real

Your online marketplace for selling luxury watches.


Become a Fashion Designer

With the technology available to us today, launching a career in fashion design is as easy as filling out a simple registration form. If this is something that you aspire to, check out the following platforms.


The perfect partner to design & manufacture your custom streetwear.


Customized Girl 

Open your own online storefront featuring your customized fashion designs.



Sell fashion with the most inspiring community of creatives in the world.

Design by Humans

Marketplace for you to sell your artwork to people from all over the world who love and appreciate your creativity. Design by Humans will produce, fulfill and ship all of your custom products while you maintain the rights to your work.



This is a platform for bands & musicians to create and sell merchandise for their music. You design it. They print it, ship it to your fans, & send you the profits.



The world’s largest marketplace for men’s fashion & streetwear.


A community driven marketplace for women’s fashion & streetwear.

I Am Attitude

The global marketplace for fashion with attitude.


All designers on this platform must go through a screening process, and get approved in order to be able to sell their designs. The purpose of the screening process is so that Luv.it can ensure that its platform has only the highest caliber of designers for its customers. The upside to this is that, if you are approved to sell your products on this platform, your products will be exposed to a higher caliber of shoppers.

Merch by Amazon

This is Amazon’s print-on-demand platform for t-shirt designers to create and sell their merchandise to Amazon’s vast number of shoppers.



Noovelty gives you everything that you need to launch your own online store and begin selling licensed merchandise with no inventory or upfront costs.

Print All Over Me

At Print All Over Me you can make one of a kind custom printed apparel, & even create your own brand.

Print Aura

Profit from your creative ideas, raise awareness for your brand, or promote an organization or cause. Turn your passion into products.


Rebel’s Market

Online, curated marketplace of unique, edgy and rebellious fashion, home decor & artwork.

Sell My Tees

Design your t-shirts, create your store, and begin selling for no upfront cost.


Register for a free seller’s account, set your own commissions for your designs, and begin selling from your own store or from Spreadshirt’s marketplace.



Sunfrog gives designers their own online design studio, & digital storefront to sell their designs with no upfront costs.

Tee Fury

With this website, artists can submit their t-shirt designs for consideration as products on the platform. For designs that are accepted, the artist is paid between $1 and $2 each time someone buys a t-shirt with their design.

The T-shirt Mill

Open your own online t-shirt shop, and sell shirts with your original designs for no upfront costs.



This is a great option for those of you that live in Europe. Tostadora is the largest “on-demand” Tee-shirts platform in Spain and one of the biggest of Europe. You can publish your content in their search engine and get visibility among tens of thousands of daily visitors and hundreds of thousands of customers, even in multiple languages and currencies. Upload your portfolio and start selling more immediately!

Viral Style

Earn money selling t-shirts online for free, by creating your own original designs, and selling them in your custom online store.



Closing Words

Now that you’ve read up to this point, can you think of some items in your wardrobe that you want to clear out? Now you have a list of websites where you will get cash for those items!

Is your brain bursting with fashion design ideas? Well what are you waiting for? Get to making those ideas a reality! Who knows? You could end up being the next big name in fashion like Armani, Chanel, Louise Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Dolce Gabbana, do you smell what I’m stepping in?

Now, if you know about any unmentioned e-commerce platforms that should have been in this post, please tell us about them in the comments section below. In our next post for this series, we’ll take a look at some websites where you can make some money off of your crafts & handmade goods. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and SUBSCRIBE to my weekly email newsletter. As a subscriber, you’ll receive exclusive resources to help you make more money online, and you’ll have access to additional content that only subscribers get to see.

Thank you for reading.

This post may contain affiliate links. In the event of a sale, I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you.



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