Freebie Friday IX: All The Free Stock

Happy Friday my friends!

The resource that I have to share with you today is one for your bookmarks, because you will find yourself visiting this website quite often, especially if you are a content creator, a web or graphic designer, a marketer, or any type of creative. The website that we’re going to look at today is called All The Free Stock, and it is probably one of the best sources of resources that I have discovered so far.


All The Free Stock is a great go to source for free stock photos, videos, sound effects, fonts, icons, mockups, and much more.

Now, before you go crazy and begin using all these resources in any of your projects, there is an important note that you need to be aware of. All of the resources that fall under Free Stock Photos offer images that fall under the Creative Commons Zero License. What this means is that you are free to use these images in commercial projects! So, you can use them on your website, you can use them to create ads, and you can even print them on different products that you want to sell! The Free Stock Photo category offers users the most freedom as far as what they can use resources for.

Every other category on All The Free Stock is not quite as lenient as The Free Stock Photo category. So, when there is a resource that you want to use for a project that falls under any other category, it is very important that you first check the terms of use on each website as they are all different, and you’ll want to ensure that you are being compliant with copyright laws so that you can avoid getting yourself into any unnecessary legal disputes. So, with that being said, let’s take a quick tour of All The Free Stock.

On the homepage, you’ll find a brief description of the website by its creator, and underneath that is a list of the creator’s other projects that you can check out. These projects include perhaps the most comprehensive list of free marketing and SEO tools that I have ever seen; a website for web design and UI inspiration along with code snippets so that you can use the designs on your own website; a hand picked collection of brand style guides, pattern libraries, and design manuals for inspiration; and a collection of some of the best examples of native advertising that can be found anywhere on the web.

To access other pages of the website, you’ll have to go to the navigation menu which will link you to the following sections:

  • Free Stock Photos
  • Free Mockups
  • Free Stock Videos
  • Free Sound Effects
  • Color inspiration
  • Free Website Templates
  • Free Fonts
  • Free Icons
  • Free Email Templates

We’ll now take a brief look at each category individually.


Free Stock Photos

This category is divided up into several subcategories as follows:

  • Multisite search
  • Free illustrations
  • Free patterns
  • Food pics
  • Email lists
  • Placeholders

Underneath the list of subcategories, you’ll find a huge list of stock photography websites, all of them offer free photos and images which fall under The Creative Commons Zero License, so you can use any of them for commercial use.


Free Mockups

In this section, you will find free mockups for just about anything that you need including product mockups, photo mockups, app mockups, 3D mockups, and web design mockups.

video-1668906_1920 (1)

Free Stock Videos

Here you’ll find free stock videos of all types, lengths, styles, and genres.


Free Sound Effects

This section is your go to source for anything audio. You’ll find music, sound loops, song samples, sound effects, and even voice overs.


Color Inspiration

This section has a long list of websites with various color palettes, color blending tools, and color inspiration.


Free Website Templates

This section has several websites where you can find free code snippets for every type of web coding you can imagine.


Free Fonts

Go to this section to find several websites that collectively have thousands of free fonts that you can download and use.


Free Icons

Need icons for your website? Go here to find thousands of them that you can use for free.


Free Email Templates

This is one of the best sources of email templates, and email inspiration on the web. Find email newsletter templates, marketing email templates, and templates for any other type of email you can think of.

Visit All The Free Stock

At this point, I’ve covered everything that All The Free Stock has to offer. As you can see, this is an incredible resource that I feel should be in the toolbox of every creative, marketer, publisher, and business professional. To receive even more awesome resources like this, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my email newsletter and you’ll regularly receive amazing resources that I only send to my subscribers!

Thank you for reading.

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