10 Platforms Where You Can Sell Your Handmade Goods

When I was in school, Arts and Crafts was one of my favorite activities, as I am sure it is for most people. There is a certain satisfaction that we get when we successfully create things from scratch with our own two hands. Many people have this creative ability to an extent, but then there are those who truly have a talent for it.

A lot of people enjoy crafts or creating things by hand, then there is a small percentage of people that are true artists. I’m talking about individuals that are on a level of talent where everything that they create is a work of art. People look at these artists’ creations and go, “WOW!” because they are just blown away by the creative ability that was required to form these masterpieces.

Some of you have an amazing gift, and you should be making a great living from your gift, but you’re not making a living at all from it. I know that it’s probably because you’re not sure how to, or you don’t think that people would appreciate your art enough to pay good money for it. I am writing this post for you. I am writing this post to get you to realize that there are people out there that will truly appreciate your work, and there are online platforms where you can showcase your creations to the type of people that would appreciate them, and would be more than happy to pay whatever price you ask so that they can be the proud owners of your masterpieces. I’m now going to discuss some of these platforms with you.


Selling Your Crafts & Handmade Goods Online

Ok crafters, creators, and artists, pay attention. The following websites are platforms where you can sell your handmade creations to people who will appreciate them enough to pay almost any price that you ask for.


Aftcra is an online marketplace for handmade goods that are made in the U.S. For no upfront costs, you can set up your own online store where you can sell your handmade goods for whatever price you choose. Whenever someone buys one of your products, Aftcra charges a small transaction fee of 7% of the selling price, and the rest is your profit!


Amazon Handmade

Amazon has a platform specifically for creators of handmade goods to sell their creations. This platform empowers Artisans with the tools necessary to showcase their products to Customers around the world.



ArtFire is a community made up of thousands of independent shop owners and makers offering unique handcrafted items.



Easy-to-use, and easy-to-share online market place platform – built to help handmade, vintage, arts and crafts makers! Artisouls is building a better social marketplace for unique gifts, art and great vintage finds.
Open your own an easy-to-setup and easy-to-manage online shop for free. Start sharing your passion and creations with the world and get rewarded for your work. Let everyone see what you make with love and passion!



Marketplace where you can list your handmade goods at no upfront cost.



Etsy is the #1 online marketplace for handmade goods and other creative products. Etsy does charge a listing fee of $0.20 for each item that you list for sale which, in my opinion, is absolutely worth it because of the amount of visitors that Etsy receives on a daily basis. Whenever one of your items are sold, Etsy takes transaction fee of 5%, and a payment processing fee of 3% + $0.25.

I Craft Gifts

A community of artists & crafters,  and a unique marketplace focusing on handmade.



A place for innovative creators to showcase and sell their one-of-a-kind, handmade products.

Shop Handmade

ShopHandmade is thousands of amazing products made and sold by creative people just like you. This platform gets 100% of it’s funding from voluntary donations, which means that you can open your own online store completely free.


Store Envy

Store Envy is a free, custom online store, and a social marketplace. The Storenvy Marketplace works like a social network for shopping. Grow your Storenvy following and gain exposure to new customers.


Closing Words

The above mentioned platforms are all the ones that I know of which do not charge sellers any upfront fees (with the exception of Etsy’s $0.20 listing fee). If you are a creative entrepreneur, or even if you just enjoy crafting things by hand and would like to monetize your passion, now you can. You can even open up online stores on all of the platforms that I discussed to maximize your earnings potential. If you know about any other platforms that I did not mention where people can sell their handmade goods without having to pay any upfront fees, please mention them for us in the comments below.

In the next post for our e-commerce series, we’re going to explore some platforms where you can sell data. What kind of data you ask? Come visit next Monday to find out!

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Thank you for reading!

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