The Ultimate Business Toolbox

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very excited to announce that I’ve just published a new book.

I am very confident that this book will end up being a must have resource for many business professionals for years to comeThe book is titled The Ultimate Business Toolbox : 500 + Tools & Resources to Help You Take Care of Business! The Ultimate Business Toolbox is a collection of online tools and resources that are absolutely essential for every business professional in the age that we now live in.

If you but knew it, we are in the midst of perhaps the greatest revolution that the world has ever seen, even greater than the Industrial Revolution, and that is the Digital Revolution. Automation and e-commerce are rapidly changing our way of life, and businesses must adapt to these changes in order to stay in business.Unfortunately, the majority of people are blind to this revolution taking place, or they don’t have the proper resources to adapt to the changes that have been happening.

In order to succeed in this digitized world, one must have the proper resources to adapt to the rapidly changing way of doing business, and it is for this purpose that The Ultimate Business Toolbox was created. This book has all of the tools and resources necessary to manage every aspect of a business in this digital age.

Whether you are the owner of a company, or an entry level employee, if any of your work requires a computer, you will find that The Ultimate Business Toolbox is a must have, and the purpose of this post is to show you why that is.

I am going to outline for you some of the resources that are found in this toolbox and, by the time I am finished, you will begin to realize just how crucial having a resource like this is in today’s society. Let’s begin.


Resources For Every Department

When I was creating The Ultimate Business Toolbox, I spent countless hours researching the vast expanses of the World Wide Web to ensure that I could include in it valuable resources needed to manage every aspect of a business. With that being stated, you will find that The Ultimate Business Toolbox has been broken up into different sections, each containing different types of tools to help you manage a different aspect of your business. The different sections are labeled as follows:

  • Accounting & Financial Tools
  • Administrative Tools
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Computer Security & Maintenance
  • Creative Tools
  • CRM & Lead Generation Tools
  • Crowdfunding
  • File Sharing & Storage
  • Legal Resources
  • Marketing Tools & Resources
  • Productivity & Time Management Resources
  • Sales Tools
  • Search Engines, Databases & Directories
  • Social Networks
  • Social Networking Tools
  • Web Master Resources


What’s Inside The Ultimate Business Toolbox?

I will now go over each section of The Ultimate Business Toolbox individually so that you can have a sneak peak of all of the tools and resources that you’ll find inside.

business-3462518_1920 (1)

Accounting & Financial Tools

In this section, you’ll find tools for budgeting, bookkeeping, expense management and other finance related functions. Here is what the section includes:

  • A free comparison of several different business insurance companies and policies so that you can choose the insurance that’s right for your business.
  • A suite of budgeting tools
  • Several free accounting softwares
  • A platform for managing payroll, employee benefits and human resources
  • Free online federal income tax filing
  • Free online state tax filing
  • A free digital calculator with tons of amazing functions
  • Several expense managment and tracking tools
  • And more


Administrative Tools

This section is where you’ll find all kinds of tools for the administrative aspects of your business. The types of tools here include:

  • Thousands of free fonts
  • A resource for tracking packages
  • A free employee engagement platform
  • A virtual file shredder that destroys files beyond recovery
  • File conversion tools that perform many different conversions with many different file types
  • A free and simple online database builder
  • Flight tracking
  • A library of free business printables
  • A library of free business document templates
  • A platform for creating and monetizing your own job board
  • A resource for accessing tons of free business publications
  • Free downloads of all the standard Microsoft Office products
  • Access to over 150 free business courses
  • Tons of free PDF editing tools
  • A PDF form filler
  • Tools for making any website or screenshot printer friendly
  • A snipping tool that enables you to take screenshots of sections of your computer screen instead of the entire screen
  • And more

email-marketing-2362038_1920 (1)

Communication & Collaboration

Here you’ll find tools for several types of business communications, as well as team collaboration resources. Here is what’s included:

  • Free team collaboration platforms
  • Free, private chat rooms
  • Free video calling
  • Send and recieve faxes online without needing a fax machine
  • Free conference calling
  • A resource for finding the right phone numbers to connect you to a live person at any major company so that you never had to deal with the automated system or sit on hold
  • Free email tracking that tells you when your recipients receive a message, when they open it, how long they have it open for, and their geolocation at the time they opened it
  • Free email scheduling
  • Free presentation design tools
  • Free remote computer screen sharing
  • Free online text messaging
  • Online caller ID
  • Project management platforms
  • And more


Computer Security & Maintenance

In this section, you can access tons of tools to protect your computer files, your sensitive information and your privacy. Here is what you’ll have access to:

  • Free file compression tools
  • Free antivirus software
  • Anonymous web browsing
  • PC cleaning tools
  • Free scanning of files and URL’s to ensure they are safe to download or visit
  • Firewall resources
  • A tool that lets you know if any of your login credentials have been compromised online
  • Email spam filters and blockers
  • Free disposable email addresses
  • Free popup blocker testing
  • A library of over 2 million user manuals for just about any product you can think of
  • Free spyware removal & prevention
  • A library of over 6,000 tech tutorials
  • Firewall tester
  • Windows repair software downloads
  • Email message encryption
  • And more


Creative Tools & Resources

All tools and resources to assist you with the creative side of your business. In this section you get:

  • Access to free stock photos, mockups, stock videos, sound effects, website templates, fonts, icons, email templates, and more
  • Auto drawing tool
  • Video creators and editors
  • Graphic design tools
  • Creative portfolio Builder
  • Chart & diagram design tools
  • Flash development resources
  • Article spinning tool
  • Photo editing tools
  • Infographic design tools
  • Slide design tools
  • And more

personal-2923048_1920 (1)

CRM & Lead Generation

Here you’ll find resources to help you generate leads and manage your leads. This section provides:

  • Lead discovery software
  • A source of 5,000 free leads per month
  • Free lead capture tools for your website
  • A tool that helps you find almost anyone’s email address
  • Tools to grow your website traffic
  • Free email list builder
  • And more



Need to raise capital for your business or for a project? Nowadays, crowdfunding is where it’s at. This section includes crowdfunding platforms for all types of purposes.


File Sharing & Storage

Here is where you’ll find your cloud platforms, file sharing and file hosting platforms. This includes audio file hosting, photo and video hosting, as well as document hosting.


Legal Resources

Every business has legal aspects that need to be considered. The legal resource section has what you need to protect your business, and keep your business compliant. Resources in this section included:

  • A tool that automatically cites online sources for you when you’re creating online content
  • Free plagiarism checker to ensure no one is ripping off your original content
  • A free service that protects your original web content from theft and copyright infringement
  • A library of free legal documents for all types of purposes
  • Free “Do Not Call” compliance software
  • Free tools for collecting digital signatures
  • A tool that protects your original images online
  • Access to free legal advice
  • Free legal agreements that you can download & embed on your website such as privacy policies, cookie policies, etc.
  • Terms of service tracker that monitors and notifies you of changes to the terms of service for major websites and web applications
  • An invisible digital fingerprint that helps you protect all of your original content online.

email-3249062_1280 (1)

Marketing Tools & Resources

The internet has a lot of free resources available for you to promote your business online effectively. Did I mention that these resources are free? That’s right! After spending countless hours scouring the web, here are the best marketing resources that are available for a cost of zero dollars:

  • A free online shopping cart, or you can even set up your own online store for free
  • Free press releases
  • A website that will print AND ship 200 busines cards to you for free
  • A tool for your website that enables you to collect reviews from your happy customers
  • A free widget that enables you to get your ad seen on thousands of websites for free
  • Self promotion profile that enables you to promote a list of URL’s such as your website, or social media profiles
  • Free classifieds platform to promote auctions
  • A free ads database you can use to spy on your competitors advertising activities
  • A professional networking platform that enables members to do banner ad swaps with other members
  • Free auto responders and email templates
  • A free tool that helps you understand how your customers use the internet
  • If you sell things on multiple websites, there is a free tool to connect people to every place you sell from one web page
  • A platform that allows you to send out 100 free SMS ads every month
  • Free email marketing tools for gmail
  • Free, ready to use music made for advertising
  • Free email list builder and host
  • Free tools to create amazing email newsletters
  • Access to the Google marketing platform for free
  • Free Google My Business listing
  • Free Google review link generator
  • Free access to Google tags manager
  • Free email signature generator
  • Free keyword and traffic analysis
  • Free access to a network of email list owners to do ad swaps and other joint ventures with
  • Free competitive insights for email marketing
  • Five email marketing platforms that, collectively, enable you to send over 63,000 marketing emails every month for free!
  • Free lead capture tools for your website
  • A free tool that tests the “spaminess” of your emails for you
  • A free tool that tests the legitimacy of email addresses for you
  • Free access to a platform that rewards your customers, visitors, or subscribers with awesome perks that they’ll love
  • A free tool that enables you to view & monitor the email campaigns sent by your competitors without having to actually subscribe to their newsletters
  • A marketing video creation platform that is free, and easy to use
  • A platform that turns text into animated videos with artificial intelligence
  • Free access to an email marketing database that collects the best marketing emails from the most successful brands so that you can use them for templates, ideas and inspiration
  • Free, unlimited push notifications for your website
  • A collection of very useful spreadsheets to evaluate and improve your marketing activities
  • An invaluable collection of tools to perform SEO activities for your website
  • A free tool that automatically promotes your website to all the major social networks
  • Free rating tool to evaluate your email subject lines
  • Free automated social media analytics, and social media marketing
  • Hundreds of free business card templates
  • And more


Productivity & Time Management Tools

To maximize productivity, you must have a way of measuring productivity and you must manage your time efficiently. The following tools will help you manage your time effectively, and maximize productivity.

  • Free online scheduler with built in reminders and notes
  • A task tracker that lets you know how much time you’re spending on every activity
  • A free dashboard to manage and monitor all of your business metrics from one place
  • A tool that helps you capture, and prioritize ideas, projects, and to do lists so that nothing falls through the cracks
  • Mind mapping tools
  • To do list manager
  • Tools that help you take notes quickly and efficiently
  • And more


Sales Tools

The best salesperson in the world is not going to go too far without the right tools, yet with the right tools a lousy salesperson can quickly become a great one. This section has some tools to help you with the sales side of your business, such as:

  • Free payment processing software
  • Free invoice creator
  • A platform that holds money in escrow for free, so that you can be sure your getting paid for your hard work
  • A resource that creates service contracts for you for free
  • A resource that enables you to create lawyer approved sales contracts on the fly
  • And more


Search Engines, Databases & Directories

Sometimes Google search just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you don’t have time to dig through a bunch of irrelevant search results. Sometimes, you need search tools that are a little more topic focused. This section has the following resources to make you a more efficient researcher:

  • Directory of over 450 ad networks and platforms
  • A search engine that enables you to search message boards, websites, blogs, press releases, and other media
  • A code search engine that searches through over 250 million lines of code
  • A specialized search engine for visual inspiration, and free stock photos
  • A tool to search over 40 complaint sites at once to find out whose complaining about you
  • Free market intelligence, and competitor intelligence reports
  • A search engine that allows you to search the web without being tracked
  • A directory of free software downloads and apps
  • A specialized database, and search engine designed specifically for collecting, and storing economic information, data, and statistics
  • A collection of tools to help you find anyone’s email address
  • A search engine specifically for finding audio files, and sounds
  • The yellow pages of email
  • Free tools to monitor the web for specific search queries and get alerted when something new and relevant surfaces
  • Free grant search and notification tools
  • A database with over 10,000 free icons
  • Free web domain availability search, and free domain name generator
  • A database of free instruction sheets for just about any tool, or electronic device that you can think of
  • A database of instruction sheets on how to make or fix thousands of different things
  • A comprehensive product directory for both consumer and industrial products
  • A database, and specialized search engine for finding any type of legal information that you may need
  • A huge database of free software downloads for all kinds of functions
  • The only comprehensive directory of newsletters online
  • A specialized search engine for finding information on people
  • A public records search engine
  • A reverse image search engine
  • A file search engine that searches tons of popular file sharing services
  • Social media search engines
  • Specialized search engine for industrial products, and suppliers. This is your go to resource for product sourcing, and supplier selection
  • A search engine for threats
  • The international trademark search engine
  • Video search engine that searches YouTube and several other video sharing websites like it
  • The U.S. government’s trade mark database and is publicly searchable
  • The “largest User Interface design database in the world. “ You can use this specialized search engine to search through well over 46,000 UI elements
  • A global online B2B directory, this is your top source for reliable business information
  • Free database of information on all of the most popular YouTube channels


Social Networks

I’m sure that most people know the top social networks that have grown to reach a user base of millions, but there are some not so well known social networks that can be beneficial for your business as well. This section provides links to the most well known social networks, as well as some not so well known ones.

social-3064515_1920 (1)

Social Media Management Tools and Resources

Social media has become a major part of our culture and of our lives, therefore it is crucial that your business has a presence on one or more of the major social networks. This section includes the following tools to help with your business’s social media activities:

  • An Instagram Auto liker, auto follower, & auto commenter tool
  • A free page to promote who you are and what you do in one link
  • A free tool that will show you the best hashtags to use for any topic, as well as provide hashtag analytics
  • A free tool to help you monitor mentions of your brand online
  • A free tool that lets you search through a history for tweets that link back to your site
  • A tool that allows you to manage your social media accounts more easily by allowing you to prepare posts, and schedule them for a later date. Manage up to 3 social media accounts for free
  • A free tool that helps you promote, share, and track your content on Twitter
  • Free Facebook ads keyword and interest search
  • A free creative hub that lets you create mockups for ads, share them with anyone and experience your work as though it’s live
  • A free resource that sends you a daily email with the most recent follows and favorites of Twitter users you find interesting. Keep tabs on your competition, monitor trending discussions, or learn from influencers
  • Free automated social media publishing
  • A free “all-in-one publishing solution” for social media which includes content curation, post customization, collaboration, scheduling and publishing, and social analytics
  • A Facebook resource that gives you ad examples from every industry for ideas and inspiration
  • A free resource that provides advertising transparency by offering a comprehensive, searchable collection of all ads currently running from across Facebook Products, including Instagram
  • A free Facebook ads calculator
  • Free Facebook analytics
  • A free tool that helps you find out how your Facebook page performances are compared to the average performances of over 50,000 other pages
  • A free tool that will tell you whether it would be worth spending the money to boost your latest post on your Facebook page
  • A platform that enables you to manage ad accounts, pages and people who work for them all in one place
  • A resource that enables you to create professional cover photos for your Facebook page
  • A platform that enables you to reward your fans and increase engagement by running sweepstakes, quizzes and photo contests directly on your Facebook timeline
  • Free tools that enable you to make amazing Facebook videos within minutes
  • Free Instagram auditor to discover your Instagram profile’s real stats, impressions and suggestions
  • An array of free Facebook apps and tabs to customize and brand your Facebook page
  • A tool that helps you clean up and customize your Facebook by filtering out all the junk you don’t want to see, leaving behind the stuff you do want to see
  • A tool that allows you to search for anyone on Twitter and see their best tweets
  • An Instagram search engine
  • A platform that enables you to engage your audience on Instagram with awesome contests, giveaways and Hashtag campaigns
  • A free Instagram automation tool
  • Free Twitter analytics
  • Free social media headline analyzer
  • A free Instagram tool that helps you find top hashtags on Instagram using Instagram Auto complete
  • A tool that enables you to aggregate all of your brands social media posts into one beautiful feed on your website
  • A tool that helps you reserve your social media username on over 500 social media platforms
  • Free Instagram post management
  • Free reddit post management
  • A platform that enables you to monetize your Instagram by leading your followers from your Instagram feed to your website. Add links to your Instagram photos, and sell your products on Instagram
  • A free bot platform on Facebook messenger for marketing, e-commerce and support
  • Free service that checks the availability of usernames on over a hundred social media platforms
  • A tool that shows you on a world map the exact location that every tweet is coming from in real time
  • A tool that lets you add texts to photos fast
  • A free to use content curation platform which can be used for all of the most popular social media networks
  • A tool that shows you the top trending subreddits at any given moment
  • A free customizable Facebook reporting tool
  • Free insights and analytics for tweets and timelines
  • A free Instagram and Twitter hashtag generator
  • A free Instagram widget for your website
  • A resource that lets you search for people’s profiles on social media
  • A social media lead generation toolkit for businesses
  • Free analytics for Facebook groups and pages
  • An automatic list of the latest and greatest links on Twitter
  • Free Facebook Auto poster
  • A Twitter search engine
  • An awesome tool that enables you to curate content on Twitter, and publish it as a digital newspaper
  • A tool that will analyze your Twitter activity, and that of your followers so that it can tell you the best times to send out tweets to reach the greatest number of people
  • A tool that cleans up your Twitter feed by helping you find and unfollow the people that are irrelevant to your business or your goals
  • A tool that lets you get stats on your mentions, retweets and likes
  • A tool that enables you to measure and boost your impact on Twitter
  • A tool that enables you to follow hashtags and discover conversations
  • A tool that lets you schedule all of your tweets to be published at specific times
  • A resource that enables you to get a daily digest of all the links in your Twitter feed
  • A tool that helps you track keywords, phrases, hashtags, mentions and more. Get free, once-a-day emails about everything you’re tracking
  • And more


Webmaster Resources

Being that this book is geared towards online businesses and website owners, it makes sense that this section is the one with the most resources. Everything you find here is to help you manage your website. This section includes:

  • Free tools to grow your website including share buttons, follow buttons, link promotion, list building, & more
  • A personal homepage where you can bookmark all your favorite websites, organize them into categories, and create shortcuts to them for quick access
  • A tool that enables you to see how websites compare in a single glance
  • A free service that will scan your website and tell you the quality, and quantity of the backlinks pointing to your site
  • A suite of free tools from Bing to manage your websites performance in Bing search
  • Free URL shortener, and link manager
  • Free blog hosting
  • A platform where you can custom design buttons for any use to put on your website
  • FREE tool that will tell you if you have any broken links on your website, and where they are
  • A free web app that allows you to view any website without distraction from styles, and it highlights the parts of the page that are relevant for SEO
  • A website that will show you how your own website looks in many different types of web browsers
  • A resource that enables you to create fully responsive, one-page websites for free
  • Free tool that allows you to see the geolocation of all those who visit your website in real time
  • A library of free code nuggets
  • Free and easy web forum hosting
  • Library of beautiful, free videos for your homepage
  • Collection of free tools that help solve DNS problems and sort out issues regarding a website’s DNS records
  • Free service that will give you a ton of information on any web domain that you type in
  • Tool that enables you to Instantly test your internet speed for free
  • A tool that enables you to find the questions that your customers are asking online for free
  • A resource that lets you create free news widgets for your website
  • Free search tool for your website
  • A database of over 30,000 free clip art images for your website
  • A website that has over 300,000 free images available for personal, or commercial use
  • A free tool that scans popular review sites daily to see if your company has gained any new reviews
  • A database of free to download sound effects for any use
  • Tons of Free web headers, blog headers, and banner images for personal, or commercial use
  • A directory of web hosting providers that offer free web hosting
  • Tools from Google to help you improve your performance on Google search
  • A free tool to make sure that everything you type is effective, and mistake free
  • Free form builder for your blog, or website
  • Site map validator
  • Free tool that will show you which keywords are being used the most often for your industry or niche in Google’s search engine so that you can improve the SEO of your website
  • Free images for your landing pages
  • Several highly effective and free link building services
  • Free tool to see if your website is mobile friendly
  • A tool that lets you monitor any website and receive alerts whenever something changes
  • A browser-based design tool that enables you to create whatever you need in whatever layout you prefer
  • Free suite of tools to test and improve your website’s SEO
  • A tool that will turn your email address into a URL to prevent email harvesters, and spammers from getting it
  • Free SEO audits
  • Free “gadgets” you can add to your website such as a search engine, email list builder, hit counter, and many more
  • Free website promotion, search engine and directory submission
  • A collection of free patterns to use for your web design projects
  • A tool that allows you to Generate SSL certificates for free
  • A tool that monitors your website’s uptime for free
  • Tons of free tools to obtain DNS info on any email, or website
  • A link building tool and database that contains the best web directories for getting backlinks to your website. You can use Web Directory Index to keep track of which directories in the database you have submitted your website to, as well as the status of each directory submission
  • Several free website builders
  • Free site map generator
  • Free customizable CGI scripts for your website
  • And much, much more

By now, if you don’t understand the value that you’re getting with The Ultimate Business Toolbox, then either you didn’t really read this post, or your brain was reading the words, but your mind was somewhere else entirely. My recently published book really is The Ultimate Business Toolbox, and I say with confidence that there is nothing else out there like it right now!

Whether you own a business, run a website, or have a job that requires you to do most of your work on a computer, if you are a business professional of any type or caliber, then you need this book!

Currently, The Ultimate Business Toolbox is available to purchase for only $2.99, but that is just the promotional pricing and the price will go up soon.

Purchase your copy today. You have my word that you will be happy you did!

Thank’s for reading!

Click one of the links below to get your copy now!


Ultimate Business Toolbox



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