115 Digital Product Ideas & Examples

The previous post that was published on Monday discussed creating and selling digital products, and it listed a few platforms where you can sell your digital products. So for this post, I thought that I would give you some ideas and examples of digital products that people are successfully selling online.

For your convenience, I’ve grouped each digital product example into one of the following categories:

  • Publications
  • Visual products
  • Audio products
  • Video products
  • Information products
  • Printables
  • Web related products
  • Files and documents

Now,  I’m going to go ahead and just jump right into it.

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Digital Product Ideas & Examples


Digital Publications


》 Digital Magazines

》 Digital Comics

》 Music sheets

》 Travel itineraries

》 Song lyrics

》 Poetry


Visual Products

》 Stock photos

》 3D models

》 Graphics

》 Maps

》 Patterns

》 Backgrounds

》 Digital art

》 Logos

》 Designs

》 Screensavers

》 Vectors

》 Infographics

》 Illustrations

》 Charts & tables

》 Color palettes

》 Photoshop brushes

》 Memes


Audio Products

》 Audiobooks

》 Songs

》 Beats

》 Song Samples

》 Sound effects

》 Sound Loops

》 Jingles

》 Ringtones

》 Voice overs

》 Podcast recordings

》 Audio courses

》 Coaching recordings

banner-949931_1920 (1)

Video Products

》 Movies

》 Shows

》 Video courses

》 Webinar recordings

》 Video tutorials

》 Stock footage

》 Documentaries

》 Interviews

》 Video tours

》 Animations

》 News reports

》 Event recordings

》 TV Recordings

》 Music videos

》 Screen recordings


Information Products

》 Academic research

》 Articles

》 Digital newspapers

》 Manuals

》 Reports

》 Instructions

》 Guides

》 Directions

》 Recipes

》 Cookbooks

》 How-to Guides

》 Checklists

》 E-commerce product descriptions

》 Email courses

》 Email newsletters

》 Resource guide/ toolkit

》 Link pages

》 Case studies

》 Wikis

》 Content curations



》 Calendars

》 Invitations

》 Stickers


》 Forms

》 Menus

》 Business card designs

》 Posters

》 Art prints

》 Printable coloring book pages

》 Planners

》 Charts

》 Greeting Cards

》 Labels

》 Decorations

》 Fliers

banner-909710_1920 (1)

Web Related Products

》 Software

》 Apps

》 Code snippets

》 Website templates

》 Plugins

》 Themes

》 Data

》 Scripts

》 Add-ons

》 Fonts

》 Icons

》 Emojis

》 Browser extensions

》 Buttons

》 Clip art

》 Content templates

》 Web elements

》 Games

》 Digital tools & resources

》 Database access

》 Membership sites


Files & Documents

》 Architectural plans

》 Blueprints

》 Document templates

》PowerPoint presentations

》 Spreadsheet templates

》 PDF’s


Closing Words

I just listed over 100 types of digital products that people have sold and are successfully selling online. This post should give you a good start as you are brainstorming to create your own digital products.

When you have an idea for a product that you are excited about, you may want to consider getting yourself a copy of The Ultimate Digital Toolbox. This is an e-book that contains over 500 tools and resources for business owners and entrepreneurs, and it should provide everything that you need to assist you in creating your award winning digital product.

Once you have a completed product that is ready to be sold, check out my previous post, as it lists a bunch of platforms where you can list your products for sale for no up front cost.

What are some other examples of digital products that you can think of? List them in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

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