25 Ways to Make Money With Facebook

The social media super giant known as Facebook has come to have quite an impact on our culture and on our lives. Since it’s inception, Facebook has grown to over 2.8 billion users. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world.

Wherever there is people, especially a lot of people, there is money that can be made. Facebook’s massive userbase has created opportunities for those who would take advantage of them. I’m going to talk about some of those opportunities in this post. Here are 25 ways that I could think of to make money with Facebook.

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25 Ways to Make Money With Facebook

1. Facebook Marketing Services. 

Most businesses understand just how big the userbase on Facebook is, but many have no idea how to use Facebook to promote their products or services, or their not getting the results that they would like to. If you can provide effective promotion for some of these companies, they would be happy to pay you the big bucks to do so.

2. Facebook Page Design & Setup

Many people don’t know the ins and outs of Facebook, or maybe they are not in touch with their creative side. If you are creative and have a great looking Facebook page, some people will pay you to design one for them too.

3. Lead generation services

Most business owners are extremely busy people and do not have the time to sit on Facebook for hours and grow their following, so if they are smart, they will be happy to pay you to do this for them.

4. Become a paid influencer

When your following on Facebook grows to tens of thousands of people you are considered to be an influencer. As an influencer, brands will pay you a lot of money to promote their products or services to your following. Your going to want to get involved with an influencer ad network, because they already work with a number of brands, and they will ensure that you get paid. Now, there are quite a few influencer ad networks out there, so don’t work with the first one that you find. You’re going to want to look at a few of these companies to compare their pay rates for influencers, this way you can go with the one that will put the most money in your pocket.

5. Become a micro influencer

If you don’t have 100,000 friends on Facebook, but your following is larger than most people’s, you can still get into the influencer marketing game as a micro influencer. In fact, their are ad networks that work with micro influencers specifically. Again, don’t jump on board with the first ad network that you find. Compare several ad networks so that you can work with the one that will be the most lucrative for you.

6. Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network is an ad network that helps app and website publishers monetize their content. If you are an app developer, game developer or video creator, you definatly should consider working with Facebook Audience Network.

7. Sell on the Facebook marketplace

If you have something to sell, Facebook has a marketplace where you can list items for sale for free. Considering that Facebook has a userbase of over 2.8 billion people, listing items for sale in the marketplace is a great way to get a lot of exposure to your products.

8. Design Facebook ads for people

If you are creative and think that you would be good at creating attention grabbing Facebook ads for people, you can charge a considerable amount of money for this service, and many brands would be willing to pay it!

9. Facebook page or account management

As I mentioned before, most business owners do not have the time to go on Facebook a lot, they have a business to run! This creates an opportunity for you. You can charge businesses a monthly fee to manage their Facebook pages or accounts for them.

10. Facebook Videos

If you are a video creator, their are several ways to monetize your videos through Facebook, especially if your content gets a lot of views. Here are the ways you can monetize video content:

Video ads – if you allow Facebook to place ads within your videos, they will pay you for this.

Video subscriptions – if you have a fanbase that loves your videos, you should definatley consider charging your viewers a subscription fee. Facebook will allow you to do this, and it will provide monthly reoccurring revenue from each one of your subscribers.

Sponsored content – many brands will pay you big bucks to promote them in your video content.

Video creation services – if you are a professional video creator, you can start or expand your business on Facebook, and charge people money to create videos for them.

11. Sell ad space within your public feed

If you have a large following, you can charge companies money to place their ad in your public Facebook feed.

12. Develop Facebook apps

If you know how to develop apps, you can create Facebook apps that people will want or need to use. Once you do this, there are 4 ways to monetize your apps: sell the app itself for a large lump sum, charge people money to use your apps, monetize your apps with in-app purchases, or monetize your apps through the Facebook Audience Network.

13. Open a Facebook store

If you have products to sell, why not take advantage of Facebook’s humongous userbase and open a Facebook store? There are quite a few apps and ecommerce platforms that enable you to create a store on Facebook, and most of them will give you a free trial.

14. Buying and selling groups 

Aside from opening a Facebook store and selling in the Facebook marketplace, there are buy/ sell groups that will allow you to promote and sell your products to their group members.

15. Affiliate marketing

If you are an affiliate marketer, Facebook is a great place to post your affiliate links.

16. Facebook bug bounties

If you can find bugs or security issues with Facebook, they will pay you what’s referred to as a bug bounty to make them aware of these issues.

17. Social media consultant

If you are good at posting content, growing a following, or marketing on Facebook, you can act as a consultant for people and charge for this service.

18. Professional content creator

If you know how to consistently create great content, their are a lot of people and brands that will pay you to create content for their pages. You can charge people per post that you create for them.

19. Facebook marketplace agent

If you are great at sales, you can find items in the Facebook marketplace that people are having trouble selling, and offer to help them sell their items in exchange for a commission.

20. Sell likes and shares

If you have a large enough following on Facebook, you can charge money for likes and shares.

21. Build up and sell fan pages 

If you can build up a flowing quickly, you can create fan pages for a specific topic, build up the following for these pages, and then flip the fan pages. For example, you can create a fan page that has to do with camping. You would then spend the next couple weeks or month building up a following of camping enthusiasts. Once your camping fan page has a sizable following, you can then sell it to a company that sells camping gear.

22. Build up and sell groups

To do this, follow the same process for building up and selling fan pages.

23. Start a premium group 

Facebook allows group administrators to charge people a membership fee, so if you have a group with a lot of members, this could be a great source of reoccurring revenue.

24. Become a Facebook news reporter

Facebook now has a news tab where anyone can publish articles and receive a share of Facebook’s ad revenue.

25. Facebook Gaming 

If you are a game developer, Facebook has a platform called Facebook Gaming where you can develop and monetize games.


Closing Words

As you can see, thanks to Facebook, there are quite a few money making opportunities in their social network, you just need to be creative and have the motivation to make it happen. What are some ways that you can think of to make money on Facebook?

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Thank you for reading.

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