Top 20 Internet Money Posts of 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Internet Money Journal. Thank you for joining me for our final post of 2019.

For this post, I thought that I would end the year by starting a tradition. Being that this is the final post of the year, I thought it would be interesting to list The Internet Money Journalist’s top 20 posts of the year to get a good idea of which topics we’re going to examine closer in the year 2020. Let’s take a look.

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Top 20 Posts of 2019

We’re going to start with number 20, and count down to the #1 post. Here we go.

20. Thanks These Websites, Teachers Can Now Expand Their Earnings Beyond The Classroom 

This post will give you a list of online platforms where teachers can sell their teaching resources to other teachers.


19. 13 Websites That Will Pay You For Reviews

Learn where you can get paid to review books, software and other products.


18. Resources For Producing, Editing & Monetizing Online Video Content

In this post, you’ll find some pretty awesome resources for video creators, along with a number of online platforms where you can monetize your video content.

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17. 6 Steps to Financial Freedom

Learn an easy strategy to establish a personal emergency fund, eliminate your debt, and retire with wealth.


16. 13 Places to Monetize Online News Content

If you feel that you would make a great reporter or journalist, then you might want to check out the websites mentioned in this post.


15. 24 Websites That Pay For Essays, Poetry & Greeting Cards

This post has several different opportunities for you to make money from your writing.

14. 22 Websites Where You Can Publish & Sell Your Writing

Whether you’re looking to publish books, magazines, news or greeting cards, this post gives you several websites where you can do so.

13.27 Websites to Cash-in on Tips & Tutorials

This post will give you websites where you can get paid to share your knowledge.


12. 9 Revenue Sharing Websites to Turn Your Content Into Passive Income

Creating content for revenue sharing websites is a great way to get your name out there, and earn some passive income in the process.


11. Get Paid Bank For Finding Coupon Codes (video)


10. The Ultimate Business Toolbox 

This post breaks down the different resources that are in my recently published book The Ultimate Business Toolbox.

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9. 80 Magazines That Pay Freelance Writers – Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part post which lists 80 different magazines that consistently hire freelance writers.


8. 63 Blogs That Pay Cash For Guest Posts 

Every blog owner is in constant need of fresh content. This post gives you a list of blogs that will pay you for a guest post provided that they like your content.


7. In The E-commerce Revolution, Digital Products Prove Lucrative

This post gives you a list of websites where you can sell digital products.

6. How to Create a Profitable Ebook FAST 

This post teach you several ways that you can create digital products very quickly, and gives you criteria to tell if a product will be profitable.


5. 80 Magazines That Pay Freelance Writers – Part 1

This is the first part of the two part post about magazines that was mentioned earlier.

4. Content Markets, Freelance Writing Platforms & Job Boards For Writers

If you’re interested in freelance writing, this post has some websites for you to check out.

3. Why You Should Have a Blog & How to Make it Profitable

Learn about different blogging platforms that are available, and how to monetize your blog.


2. 13 Types of Online Money Earning Activities

This post is the shortest one that I’ve written yet, interestingly, it recieved the second largest number of visitors.

1. 24 Tools & Resources to Promote Your Business For Free

This post has some of the best free marketing tools that you can find online, along with a very important call to action.

Have a happy New Year, and thank you for reading!

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