Some of the resources on this page are free, and then there are some that are not, however,  all of the resources on this page are ones that I use personally, therefore, my recommendations of these resources are genuine. – free promotional profile page with your own customized call-to-action button.

Ad Network Directory – directory with over 400 ad networks.

Appsense – professional social network. Promote your business, network with other professionals, and get referrals.

Bag the Web – group several links into “bags”. Embed your bags on your site or social profiles.

Bing Webmaster Tools – tools from Bing to help you manage your website’s SEO in Bing search results.

Blog Lovin – social network for bloggers. – store your favorite bookmarks online.

Broken Link Check – checks your website for broken links.

Canva – awesome media designer. Use Canva to design social media banners, fliers, book covers, promo banners, and just about anything else you need.

Carrd – create one-page websites or landing pages for free.

Drop My Link – the ultimate link builder helper.

Fax Zero – send and recieve faxes for free without a fax machine.

Free Lists – mailing list host and builder.

Free Web Headers – free headers and banners for your website.

Freeware Antivirus – collection of free cybersecurity software downloads.

Get Leads 4 Free – this website will send you thousands of legitimate leads every single month for free.

Google Search Counsel – tools from Google to improve your website’s performance in Google search.

High Paying Affiliate Program – directory of affiliate programs for high end products and services.

IM Faceplate – professional networking site.

It’s My URLS – one link to share all of your links.

Jump Share – file sharing and storage.

Link My Photos – add links to your Instagram photos, or turn your Instagram account into your own store.

Mail Chimp – email marketing platform, and autoresponder. Send 2,000 marketing emails every week for free.

Me Dot Com – share your website link, and all of your social media pages with one URL.

Mercury Magazines – free business magazines and other resources.

My Blog Guest – social network for bloggers.

One Drive – online file storage.

Open Culture – this website has a massive amount of free cultural and educational media including free audio books, free online courses, free movies, free language lessons, free textbooks, and free ebooks.

PDF Candy – all kinds of tools to edit or alter PDF’s.

PDF Escape – PDF editor and form filler.

Pixababy – thousands of free photos and images for personal or commercial use.

Refind – content discovery platform that automatically curates up to 55 links to articles and posts for you daily based on your interests.


Referral Key – social network for growing referrals and promoting your business.

Self Growth – the online self improvement community.

Share Referrals – one platform to find and post referral links.

Social Submission Engine – free social website submission.

Spoke – create a personal page, a business page, or a topic page for free.

Tapatalk – create your own forums for free and monetize them.

Traffup – traffic exchange.

Free Website Visitors

Trepup – social network. Create personal and professional pages for free.

Web Directory Index – this website will help you keep track of the directories that you submit your website link to.

WordPress – reliable web hosting and easy-to-use web designer. The majority of the Internet is powered by WordPress.

Writer’s Cafe – social network for writers and publishers.

Zoom Groups – social network for business professionals.

These are just a fraction of all the tools and resources that I actually use, and they aren’t even the best ones that I use. I have actually compiled a collection  of over 350 resources, and then I realized that I should make this resource collection available for others so I created a resource directory in the form of an e-book.

With over 350 tools and resources for managing every aspect of your business or website, this e-book is the ultimate digital toolbox for any business professional. The title of my e-book is Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat. If you own your own business, run a website, or even if you have a job in which most of your work is done on a computer, you’ll find that Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat is an amazing resource and a must have for your job or your business.


Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat is available to purchase through several major e-book retailers for just $5.00, and you will have access to over 350 tools and resources that are crucial to your business right at your fingertips. The sales of this e-book are used to support this website so that I can continue creating content to help you earn money online.

To purchase a copy of my e-book, just click on the link below. I hope that my resource collection proves to be as helpful to you as it is to me. Thank you for your support!

Order a Copy

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